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    Show off or simplicity?

    You are invited by your rich relative for a family function and there is a good arrangement for your stay and food etc but you observe that there is a lot of show off and the host always trying to show off their wealth and riches to the guests. The atmosphere is full of talks about money and how to earn money and another materialistic thing. You feel yourself in a strange and unfriendly place and totally disgusted with the affluence and haughtiness in the place.

    On the other hand, you go to attend a similar function in a middle-class family setup and find limited or sharing accommodation with other guests and stay there but find the place full of enjoyment and laughter and everyone says that they had fun and are looking forward to such occasions. You liked the simplicity with which the function was managed.

    Do you like to attend functions in a place of show off or a place of simplicity?
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    In Urdu there is a good saying ' Jittha chaadar Uttha payar' that means we should try to sleep inside the mat and the blanket so that we feel comfortable. Same is the case here, some affluent people arrange parties and functions to please the guests and boast their wealthy attitude. The other day we had been to a Marwari family marriage and as per normal tradition we give presents to the boy or the girl at the stage and greet them. But in return they have not accepted any gift from any one but they have given the money in a cover to all and that astonished every one. First I thought it is one more way of boasting wealth, but later understood that it is their tradition.
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    There should not be any artificial smiles on the faces. There are many people who want to show off their richness to the guests which are not required. The atmosphere should be cordial and natural. We need not show off our richness and say always that we are rich. A pleasant talk, a friendly appearance and a decent presentation of the atmosphere are what needed for the functions. Even sleeping in a common hall with all other relatives whom we will meet very rarely and sharing our feelings and experiences will give more happiness than staying alone in such a gatherings is also will not bring any good relation or understanding with our other relatives and friends. But these days it has been noticed in many functions this type of artificial atmosphere which is not a welcome feature and another bad practice I noticed is the treatment by the hosts in some functions to the guests also depends on the richness of the guest which is a very bad practice and should never be allowed.
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    The hard truth is, those who have, they show it. Nothing harm on it unless it hurt someone physically. People have different mind set, liking and disliking, it is we who has to act accordingly without caring of what other is doing. It should be totally our own liking and disliking if we want to go to such party or not. You can't control other's freedom so just act normally and leave the place.

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    Simplicity (not being a miser) is always better that a show-off. Not all of us feel comfortable with display of wealth and grandeur. It is not that we are jealous that we are not so rich but most of us would feel that it's a waste of time and the display/talk of money ruins the atmosphere.

    We should not impose on such people not to do so because it is their money and their wish, if we are uncomfortable, we can just wish, stay for a little while and then come off.

    A less grander function, where people are more realistic and simple but full of real joy and happiness if fine, we can stay for a longer time and spend our evening usefully. Sometimes, there are hosts who shower lavish gifts to everyone who has attended or treat the guests deferentially based on the guest financial status. All we can do at such places is just ignore and forget it.

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