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    Discard waste things at home. Today is Bhogi. Happy Bhogi to all.

    Today is Bhogi, the first festivity series in Sankranthi and as per the tradition, all the waste things which are not used would be consigned to the flames and used as the bonafire. Most of the South Indian homes are agog with activities as the young boys are busy in flying the kites, girls would adorning their house threshold with Rangoli designs and the elders would be busy in preparing Pindi vantalu that means savories. Every person would lover to celebrate this harvest festival in their village as Sankranthi is on 14th, 15th Kanumu and 16th Mattu Pongal.
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    This year many calendars are shown 14th as Bhogi and 15th as Makara Sankranthi. So we are celebrating the Bhogi tomorrow, Sankranthi on 15th and Kanuma on 16th. Many people in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are celebrating Bhogi tomorrow only. Every year we will lit the fire in our street junction and spend some time there near the fire.
    Many people already started flying their kites and making merry. This will go for this full week.I advise people to be more careful and take care of the children during this kite flying. Don't leave them alone.
    I wish all the stakeholders of Indiastudychannel A Happy Pongal. All the best to all of you. Enjoy the festival and have a nice time.

    always confident

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    Yes, it is festival time for many of us. Happy Bhogi, Sankranthi, Pongal to all the members. This year so far not seeing much of the kite flying maybe tomorrow would be better. School are off till Wednesday morning in our part of city and kids are enjoying a long 4 day holiday to enjoy among themselves and the festival. We would have all the tasty sweet, including the pounded jaggery and groundnut sweet which disappears very quickly at our home.

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    Every bhogi day my thoughts are dragged to the year 1978. During that year I was with my uncle who lived in a rental house and constructing own house opposite. On the day of bhogi some miscreants took the centring poles and fired in the early morning darkness and we found this later only. We paid additional amount for the poles.

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    Thanks to the author for giving a nice detailing on the Bhogi festival day when we have to get rid of old and unusable articles in the house. I was not aware with this custom.

    In fact any such custom is really welcome when one can get rid of the old items creating unnecessary clutter in the house.

    In our state we do not observe this as only Makar Sankranti is observed on 14th .

    Wishing all the members a happy festival time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The festival has caused large-scale smog over Chennai. Rather than burning the items, efforts should be put to recycle and reuse the things. Items in usable condition can be donated to NGOs or directly to the needy people. Festivals which cause harm to the environment, animals or people need to be modified with time.

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