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    Please don't swipe their livelihoods

    Makara Shankranthi festival falls on Jan 14-15. Many of us would be shopping for pooja materials and items used specifically for this festival.

    Now a days, supermarkets have shelves of flowers, jaggery, coconut, sugarcane, mango leaves, small banana plants and white pumpkins in huge quantities for almost every festival. Last Diwali, we've seen even a cracker stall in the a supermarket.

    Traditionally we have villagers, farmers and local Kirana shop keepers getting all this for us. For us it's a matter of few hundred rupees only but for the small vendors and poor farmers coming to the local markets, it's a matter of their livelihoods and a little but much needed money for their families.

    So, friends, a sincere request, this festival support the local sellers and farmers, you may need some cash in hand but it is far better than swiping your card at a supermarket and indirectly swiping off the meager earnings of a poor farmer.
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    A nice post. The author's sympathy towards the small vendors and farmers is appreciable. I agree with the author on this particular aspect. Supermarkets purchase the material from the same farmers at very through away price and pack them neatly and fix the price very high and sell us. It is like a technical grade chemical packing in a bottle and selling as Laboratory Reagent. So it is never advisable to go for these farm products to supermarkets is like killing the chances for farmers for making some money in selling these products.
    Generally, we go to the local farmer's market and purchase these items in that market only. We have a mango tree in our house. So we need not purchase mango leaves. We have banana trees in our house and hence we need not go to market for this items. All other items for festivals will be purchased in the farmer's market which will be held once in a week in our area.

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