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    Have you tried to teach a 6 year old to keep a secret?

    It's nothing great but would love to share a simple observation that I made yesterday. I saw a mother politely, clearly teaching her 6 year old about a gift and how he should keep it a secret.

    The 6 year old, would have heard of a secret, but for the first time in his life, he is entrusted with a secret. He was so elated, that by the end of the day, everyone knew what the secret was. The little fellow told everyone, that it's a secret don't tell anyone but this is what we are doing. I could just admire the joy on his face and then realised how difficult it is to teach children certain things.

    Teaching children to tell a lie, keep a secret is difficult perhaps because, they should not have the need for it in the first place. I guess as we grow we are forced to learn and keep secrets. So, next time someone can't keep a secret, I would not be worried too much for he or she is just like a child with the hope that their minds are not yet influenced too much by the adult world.
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    The children will get excited about any new thing they learn. They want to show everybody about their new learnings and get appreciations. So when they first learnt about an issue which is to be kept secret, he wanted to tell everyone that he knows some issues which are to be kept secret. This is the mentality of almost all the children.
    So the parents should be careful. They should not share any information with the children which is to be really kept secret. Another issue is telling about lies to children. It is not advisable the children teach about the lies. They are not matured enough to understand the problems in telling unnecessary lies. That will spoil their future. So parents should keep in mind that it is better never teach them about lies. We should tell that telling lies is a sin and nobody should tell lies.

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    An extremely thought provoking thread.
    Children cannot keep secrets. And neither can women( most women). But can you teach someone to ignore the truth or conceal it?
    In order to do that one either is required to feign ignorance or lie both of which are bad habits.
    And children might use this means to get away with stuff in future.
    So how are we supposed to teach children what to keep a secret ? And how to?

    Because I've seen children blackmailing people for rewards in exchange of the security of secrets.
    Can explaining the situation clearly makes a difference? No. 6 year olds can't process that much.

    Solution : entrust them with half the truth. You can lie about the reminder or just leave it there.
    This way even if they spill the secrets out, they wouldn't technically spoil your plan.

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