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    Can we totally discard the Chinese product?

    When our emotions flow, we say or act without thinking too much. This is what has happen just recently months back when we voice out to ban chines products from India. But can it be possible to do immediately?

    No way! at least for now. From our house hold items to electronics gadgets, from toys to sports items. From musical instruments to sound systems. Everything in our home is captured by these Chinese products. Even if we do not want, but have to keep it because we do not have other options.

    As for now banning Chinese products will more harm than benefit for Indian progress. Until and unless we can produce our own in our country we can't think of discarding them.

    What is your say about it and how could we come out from this situations?
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    Banning Chinese products overnight may not be possible. But when an alternative is available at a competitive price or a little more, is suggested to encourage our domestic products. Then slowly Indian products will come into the market more and slowly we can stop using those Chinese products.
    Even though Indian made products are available in the market many people are going for Chinese products. But they may be cheap but longevity will be less. This point is to be kept in mind and see that our own models are used and make a way for Indian products to shine.

    always confident

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    The penetration of Chinese products was so great in our Indian markets since many years, how come a sudden change in thought by the Indian government and Indian people to discard their products suddenly. All those new products which entered through illegal means are making rounds in the market through direct sale or through representative and the high point is that we the Indians are used to Chinese products as they maintain good quality and thus no loss nor any damage. As long as illegal support is available to China through their marketing techniques by doing sliding business, that country going to reap the market.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we could ban Rs 500 & Rs 1000 overnight (which was practically not possible till then), we can certainly ban Chinese goods overnight and cancel all future orders. But the issues would be can we afford it.

    The average Chinese employee works much harder, get paid much lesser and reports mention that there are no major issues with unions, worker's rights etc. The Chinese Government is very proactive or aggressive in exporting its goods and even engage in dumping its goods and bending rules.

    For us, we cannot produce all the products overnight or even in a staged manner.There would be some products that we cannot produce and the cost would be much higher.The average common man has to shell out more to buy the same item.

    Next would the trade relations and its impact on our economy. What we can do is gradually slow down the flow of imports, build our own make in India program and then we can have a chance to have minimal Chinese product.

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    If everyone decide not to buy Chinese product then India will be 100 percent free from Chinese product but lot of people do not know whether things made in India or made by China lot of product may be available in India as Made in India but actually its made by China labeling can be done in India also.

    All people are not educated also if product is cheap even that is made in china people will by . People always want to save his money so if Made in India product will be cheaper than china than people will start to by Made in India more.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Things have come to such a situation that we are now not able to make out which is not a Chinese product. There was great propaganda and even strong political pressure to privatise , 'liberate' our economy to foreign business. Most of such propagandists never imagined that it would be mostly exploited by Chinese business. Those who wanted our trade and economy to keep wide open our doors, themselves started suffering the burden of their trick. Then they started giving publicity about the d almost as monopoly once. But low priced Chinese products caused a lot of damage to their business in India.

    Earlier Hindustan ever was influencing our daily life by making us use their products - everything from the time we getup n the morning till we slept. The toothpaste, the bathing soap, talcum powder, washing powder, the tea we drank, the salt , the atta, bread, sauce, jam etc, etc .
    The same case happens to Chinese products. Chinese gain affects many other nation's business. So we can now see the propaganda against Chinese products get their tacit support too.

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    I don't see a reason in banning Chinese.
    Who buys Chinese products anyway? Lower middle class right. Because Chinese mass produced goods are cheap and given are of poor quality.
    We wouldn't need Chinese products if we have enough money.

    One of the main things is that 1 ruppee is equal to 10 yuan approximately. So China to us is like we're to U.S A (Not talking about currency rate but the economy here).
    This means for the same good, you'll spend ten times more money in India for production.

    Moreover resources are bountiful in China. It is same with India too but our industrial sector still cannot use them efficiently.

    As you said, banning Chinese is more harmful.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The whole world is flooded with products from China, Korea and other small countries in that region. They are over producing and at the same time aggressively marketing and flooding these products in world market.

    It is not only India but there are other countries also who are worried about the bulldozing of these cheap products.

    The only way to replace them is to increase our national manufacturing or gross product which is a difficult task as we do nor handle these manufacturing activities at individual house level as very common in China.

    Until unless there is a drastic change in regulations governing these micro manufacturing activities it may not be possible to counter the Chinese flood of goods.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I would like to give an example that suppose a fresh man habituates to consume alcohol. Gradually, he becomes slave to it. Same situation is being happened in the matter of China products. Suppose if we buy smart phones related to India then the assembled parts in them are coming from China. From the beginning, if we oppose such products imported from China, then our anguish might be fulfilled. So, quitting China products will take so much time because it spreads cancer to the parts of the body. So, we have to try as much as possible to prevent of using China products. For that, it is needed to establish manufacturing companies related to respective fields because China took over all the fields to do business. First of all, business boons have to ready to start the manfucturing products made from root materials

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    The other fact is that unscrupulous traders getting Chinese products and using popular brands thus making a huge profit. Anyone who is in the interior decoration sector or recently tried to renovate or furnish a home or flat will be aware of such practices if you look closely. One of the ways I see to regulate is stringent import guidelines and verification by the Government authorities to at least have a system of check in place as to how and how much of the products enter into India. Here we need a close co-operation and transperancy both from importers, traders and the regulatory bodies/

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