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    Will religion ever become obsolete?

    If not all over in India but some places like in metro cities, the cast system or our way of old thinking toward lower or upper cast has been out dated. We can see at least a light end of a long tunnel. We work with different kind of people, we share our food or thoughts together. We try to over come of our old thinking and we work together leaving our cast differences.

    However, when it comes to religion, we become like stubborn kid. Two different religious people may work together, may share their food but there is no way they can leave their religion a side when it comes to discuss about this matter.

    This is why this question has come out in my small brain. Will religion can ever become obsolete? Can we ever have one religion which is a true "humanity"?
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    What the author speaks is the thought that strikes me now and then. However people have no thoughts against other religion, most of us have pride on our own religion. It is because, we have been always told about the god things and meaning to every custom of own religion by our parents or elders of the family. However same humanity has been taught on other religions, the practices are different. So feel of all is one may not come.

    But after seeing few revolutionary activities like "We want Jallikattu" by youngsters, I could understand, when the cause is strong, people are ready to unite irrespective of their religion. No political game also can be played with religion in future.

    Sri Vetri
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    I also agree with the author. Not even in cities, in many villages also the caste system has taken a back seat and people are not worried about the caste of the people. Of course, there may be a very few people who are very much aged may be thinking in that lines of caste but to a lot extent, the caste has no place in the society these days. Many intercaste marriages are taking place in almost all parts of the country.
    When comes to social life people will not have many thoughts about religion also. Only when it comes to customs and festivals only this religion issue comes. Otherwise, a common man never bothers about the religion of the other person. But politicians are trying to see that these systems will exist in the people to their advantage. I say a common never worried about the religion or caste of the other person in day to day life.

    always confident

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    It is not religion that is creating issues in the society. Certain small groups, perhaps belonging to each religion, are always creating troubles and fighting against each other. This leads to wrong impressions about each religion. The religion majority believe is only a systematic way life. The life is always complicated and every one faces different types of problems. Naturally they try to find out an escape from them. They find a way out through certain hidden belief, called God or something. Different regions or different people go to different images and through that to different ideologies. These expand to the form of religion. Originally these are aiming at the goodness of human race. Once money started to control them the fight began.
    In the present manner religions are becoming anti human. Of course only a minority are there to destroy its original aims and make a good majority anti religious.


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    I really hope and wish for such time. Religion has done more harm than good according to me.
    World has an approximation of 20 million atheists now. That's a good news because its higher than ever.
    But a spiritual country like India would never forgo its religions because this country's very roots are founded by the religions.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    As long as atheists live and insist their point of order, the people across the world would be firmly supporting their faith and what ever may be their religion. Atheists simply rake up the issue which is more valued as sentiments by the followers. The comment made by DMK Kanimozhi on Tirumala God was one on this direction, If she does not have faith in God, she need not visit temple or follow any religion but she has no right criticise others who are following their faiths with utmost reverence. By talking high of one religion and belittling other religion are the main reason for people taking sides to their arguments.
    K Mohan
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    To me caste and relgion are two different enities.Yes, most people in metros are not that paroniod about caste but when it comes to relgion, they are still wary and careful.

    We all grow up with teachings, moral stories, support of parents and families. Along with this religion is instilled into us day after day in our formative years. Until we are exposed to other faiths and have the maturity to understand them, most of us believe that our religion is the best and others come after us. So, naturally we become very defensive when it comes to religion and people pointing out mistakes against our religion.

    This is the practical truth although we would have read that all religions are the same. So, at least in India, religion would not become obsolete in our daily lives. It may be taken off in recruitment forms, grants based on religion may go but religion will still exist.

    In an ideal world, when we understand and respect other relgions and treat them as equal and vice-versa without harming others, it would reflect that we are human and truly part of humanity. We don't need to give up or renounce the good values of our relgions.

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    Except India all countries based one religion. India is a secular one and the pride of India itself the culture and different religions. I don't understand what is the necessity of removing or changing? In case any individual do not like the religion or culture let he or she remove him or herself from the same. If one born to a person belongs one religion how can he relieve himself and what for he? I am a non-vegetarian and if I want to become vegetarian, I should stop eating non-vegetarian items and can stop going to such hotels. Instead if I try to demolish non-vegetarian hotels and shops, it is just shows our ignorance.

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    A very thought provoking thread from the author. The roots of religion are very deeply implanted in the society and religion and religious things are always residing in our subconscious mind only to come out vigorously at opportune moments.

    It is inbuilt in human beings due to the upbringing in certain atmospheres. The surprising thing is there are people who are ready to sacrifice their or take others life in the name of religion and tribe. It is unfortunate but true.

    It is said that politicians exploit the religious people. It is true but politicians exploit every other attribute also which is so firmly embedded in us.

    Factually speaking, the firmness and rigidity of religion in the minds of people is a fear factor for the society.

    Knowledge is power.

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