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    The Fear of Exam, it still has a strong grip in me

    I thought once I grow up, I will no longer be afraid of exams, but it seems like it is not like that. It still gives you shivers.

    No matter how well you prepare yourself for the exam as it approaches my heartbeat races till I get hold of the question paper. I guess few of us might have faced this or is it just me?

    In few days I have my IELTS Exam. To be precise, next week this time I would be giving my exam. Fear has gripped me, though I am prepared it looks scary. So I was preparing for the exam I thought of posting this in ISC to calm my mind.

    Has any of you given IELTS, any tips for me?

    Fingers crossed, I am doing self-preparation with no coaching classes. I am scared of the writing section because now we are so used to auto-correction that now I am confused with the spellings of many words. I have disabled Grammarly now to correct grammar and spelling on my own without any autocorrection.
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    This fear of examination will always be there for the persons who are serious about the exam and who have a wish to fare well. It is very common. Even though you studied well and you are confident that you can face the exam well, this fear will be there as we think that is the life for us at that moment. We all want to be recognised as a good and intelligent person in the society. This wish will be more in children and students. So if we fare well in the exam and get good marks, the teachers will prise us and they will give our name as an example to the students who are not doing well. So students will always have that fear for examinations.
    I have completed my thesis work and submitted the thesis for adjudication. The reports came good. The next day is the oral exam. I know what is there in the thesis.I know what is there in the reports. I know that I can fare well. Even then my whole night went without sleep. I was in such a fear that my whole three years will become waste if I have not fared well. This is natural.

    always confident

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    We all have the fear of exams as it literally means fear of the unknown (whether we pass or not). I guess, it will stay with us, only the way we mask it would be better as grown-ups. Don't worry,you will do well.

    I had to take my IELTS exams about 10 yrs back. No coaching classes. I was a bit unprepared for the English Listening component as I mentally stayed back on the line I didn't catch and then forgot to grasp the next few lines.So, if you not sure of something,leave it and move on.

    The reading part was like getting to know the gist or summary of the essay given and then remebering the keywords and writing the answer.

    The writing part was an essay about Shoudl public figures had private lives. Here we need to present our material in an organised manner. There should not be any ambiguity, either your essay conveys the meaning that you agree or disagree. Your arguements or justifications should be conscise and clear. some examples can be given but they should not be too long. the conculsion should be worded well.

    The speaking component also would be better, if you slow down, focus on pronunciation, pausing, sentences and again, here you should be clear on your views. I had a topic on family and our roles as we grow up. It is better that you keep a clear view along the same lines. For example, one cannot say that I will love my parents and never leave them and after 5 minutes say a simple yes, to a question that will you take your dream job in USA if offered?. Instead, I would love to but I need to discuss with my siblings about my parents care etc would be in sync with the earlier response. I passed with a good score. Good luck.

    I'm sure you would have checked free resources like (

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    Thank you, Dr. Rao and Natrajan.

    Yes, I did go through the free resources for IELTS. Tomorrow is my listening/reading/writing. Speaking is scheduled for another day. Already feeling nervous about my day tomorrow, though I am prepared, the thought is still so scary. It's been a while since I have given exams.

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    For that matter any exam is challenging and tough too. Unless and until we go through the important questions and answers thereof, we cannot presume or indicate that we can go through. Even the best prepared student would fail, if slightly varied questions are asked to which there may be probably more type of answers. What I feel that be it any exam, if you do not know the exact answer, at least mention the nearest answer, so that your effort would be recognised and some marks allotted for those responses or answers. But without attempting any question is something not expected from educated lot.
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    Are you appearing in IELTS Academic or in IELTS General Training? I can say with confidence that you will clear the written part absolutely without any problem. However, during the remaining few days, please prepare for the listening component.

    Best wishes in advance!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Thank your wishes!! It does mean a lot.

    I will be appearing for IELTS General Exam tomorrow. I have practiced few listening test, I did miss few questions while noting down the answers as the audio didn't pause. I will have to take care of that tomorrow.

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    You are welcome. All the best, you will do well.

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    Neethu, I am not an expert to give you any advice, but I can understand what you go through right now. I think, the fear for exam is very common, some express and some don't. But the feel is same deep inside. So you are not alone.

    When you have this fear, you are obviously getting prepared to expect unexpected things, which is more helpful to exams. But I wish your hard work favor you in all possible ways.

    Sri Vetri
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    All the best Neethu! Based on your English skills here, I do not think you will have any major difficulties in succeeding in the exam.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    *Mistakenly posted again, kindly delete.
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    I may not be so qualified to reply this thread. However, It is good to have some fear or nervousness because this prove you that you are mentally prepare for it. You know exactly what you are expecting. You can ask anyone from businessman to legend sports person, everyone can vouch for this fear. Its a positive sign and we should take it normally without getting panic.

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    All the best Neethu! Put off your fears as you enter the exam hall and be confident! I am sure you can do well. My son did clear the IELTS recently and I remember him listening to English news channels like BBC etc regularly to get a grasp of the pronunciation part.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Thank you so much everyone for your wishes!!

    My exam went well beyond my expectations. I am happy that its over.

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