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    Which animal would look cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

    I don't know why such weird but interesting questions come to my mind. Find it one more here and answer it with your own interesting level of imagination.

    We daily see cats around us. But, have you ever imagined which animal would look cute as per your imagination if it becomes the size of a cat? Interesting, right?

    I feel the elephant would look cute if it becomes the size of a cat. It's big ear and the long trunk and heavy body would definitely look cute.

    Now, it is your turn to imagine and write.
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    A funny post. An elephant will definitely appear cute when it is made to the size of a cat. We have purchased small elephant doll to keep it in our showcase. The size is almost the size of a real cat. It was appearing very cute and whenever people see that doll they used to inquire about the cost and where we purchased that. Last year when my wife was cleaning the showcase the doll slipped off her hand and got to pieces.
    We have another doll of a dog which is a little less than a cat and it is so cute that we will always love to see that. It was purchased by me during my trip to China, It is in our showcase even today.

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    It is a good way to imagine huge or big things in miniature form. My imagination went down to see many animals in the size of a cat. I found that if a giraffe was made to the size of a cat it would really look cute,with it's long legs and a long neck . In that case a tree too will have to be made to that size to let the giraffe eat the leaves of the tree.

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    Elephant and giraffe both are taken? No! I too want them so badly. But bears,pandas especially, are the masters of cuteness.
    Or a rabbit, though rabbits are generally cat-sized already.
    I think cat-sized ostrich would be equally cute.

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    Well road side dogs which gives birth to numerable puppies are really cutest when they are very small. They also behave like what our small children do with all mischievous things. That is my way of observation and appreciation.
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    This thread immediately takes me to the Jurassic Park series, for our son we bought him the little dinosaurs that grow when kept immersed in water. Try watching the cartoon Dinosaur train, you will love to have dinosaurs the size of small cats where in you can control them and play with them. If we have to choose from the present day animals, I would go for a hippo, it looks cute and with a shiny gloss and a funny trot.
    To be practical most of us would have a dog or cat as a pet apart from some birds and fishes in an aquarium.

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