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    What have you done when you found your class teacher in a Cinema theatre?

    It was one of the day in my class when our English teacher step into it. As he started dusting the black board, one voice came from behind - "Sir, where you were yesterday at 4 pm"? The teacher looked back and found silent. He again started facing the black board and writing something, the same voice came from his behind with asking the same question. The teacher again looked back and said in strong voice, please keep quiet and listen what I am trying to teach you. As he started facing to the black board the same voice with same question again thrown out at him. The teacher got very angry and shouted - I was in Madhushala were you there? We all burst out loud even though the teacher was in so much anger. So, it happens, like every class has some mischievous students, we too have some.

    Actually, at that time the teacher was watching a new released movie with his family and the student was happened to saw him there. As ever it happened with us in Cinema hall, we boys purposely go near to the teacher and greet him loud. As if we want to announce aloud that our teacher is here to watch the movie.

    Have you ever done this in your school-days?
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    It never happened in that way to me. But I and my lecturer in Intermediate together gone to a movie. Those days the place where I have studied Intermediate was a small town and only four Cinema halls were there. No new film will get released there those days. Only after a month or so after the first release movies are coming to the theatres there. But one movie where the famous NT Rama Rao was the hero released there along with other towns. my chemistry lecturer was very much interested in movies. His family was away and he was alone at that time. So he called me on a Sunday and we both went to that movie. That is the experience I had.
    But one day I went to a movie with my friends and the same is not told before going to the movie to my parents. Unfortunately, my uncle (Father's brother) was also there in the hall. Somehow I managed to face him in the hall and immediately after the show gone home and informed my parents before my uncle told them.

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    This happened with me once. And that too while watching an adult film at the time when I was studying in school. But the teacher never told anything in the hall. The next day he discussed various aspects of the film (direction, editing, acting, camera-work, music, etc.) with us who had unexpectedly met him in the hall the previous day. And more astonishingly, our guardians were not summoned, whereas for some lesser offences, the teachers used to summon the guardians.
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    I never met my teacher in a theatre not it would happen. By the way teachers are also a human beings and they also like film stars and love to watch their movies. Nothing wrong to spot a teacher at the theatre and in fact the student should have wished him or her but the student seems to have taken a fun out of it and started questioning teacher which is not good practice. The teacher has the right to send the boy out of class for disturbing the class and thus the boy would have been the loser. We must appreciate that teacher for showing utmost restraint and allowing the boy to tease. It is the slap on the boy.
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    We have once had found ourselves with our teacher. A group of friends, we had gone to Rambo:1, those days not to have seen Rambo:1 was a shame for the boys, so we had gone for the first show and we found our class teacher as usual when we were coming back with some snacks. He stared at us. Even though we had not missed the classes, we were supposed to be practicing for a school event after classes. Next day we were called by our class teacher. She asked about what we did, did we inform our parents etc. Luckily we escaped with just a pep talk. I think as students, we were taught teacher is strict, stern and a no nonsense person. Most of the times, we fear them and in that fear, we forget that they are also humans and secondly, going for a movie without the knowledge of parents was something to be worried about.

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    I never met my class teacher at Cinema theatres. In fact, I usually prefer to watch movies on my laptop instead of going to cinemas, wasting time and money both. In case, if I would have found any of my class teacher in cinema hall, then I would have tried my best to keep distance from him/her. Just because, I will go with my friend or relative and in the same case class teacher will go along with his friend or relative. So, it would be my utmost priority to stay away from my class teacher at that moment.
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    Good question. Normally many get hesitated. But one time I met such situation. As the afternoon classes were off one day during our college time, I and my brother (inthe year 1976)went a newly releases film 'lalitha'. At the interval we saw our college physics lecturer (though we were not physics student, we know him)mr.shankar was just by side of us. As he also know us, he asked us why did not attend class on that day, we told the real reason. But the beauty in that is -in the film also hero's name is shankar (casted by Gemini Ganesh) and he acted as physics professor. We casually told him that he would also become professor soon. Today posting of you makes me to remember this.

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