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    A small kid in the house will bring brightness to the house.

    A small kid in the house can change the complete atmosphere in the house. With her innocent looks, with her innocent smiles and with her innocent movements of hands and legs, she will make everybody happy. When she looks at us and smiles we will get delighted.
    Generally, in a house, all the people will be very busy with their own cell phone and other works. But when a child is there, everybody will get united to play with her. They go on discussing the kid only. It is indeed very bright to have a small kid in the house. Do other members agree with me?
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    I totally agree to the view that children or a child in a house bring cheer and happiness to the members of the family.
    In fact small children are very innocent and simple. They keep doing something or the other that surprises us. They also learn new things and when children smile they make the whole world beautiful. A child in the family also brings smiles to the neighbors.They also keep us busy with their innocent talks.

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    That is the reason being so elders at the home would be insisting on having children to those who were married and yet to lead a family way. Elders feel that children not only bring happiness in every one, but also bring others close to the family and thus a knitted relations are possible. By the way the elders enjoy the most the play ways of the grand children and they allow the tiny tots to break things and get happiness over it. Likewise the children are more fond of elders at the home as they are habituated to listen to stories and tit bits which give them great pleasure and also feel closeness than ever.
    K Mohan
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    So right Rao sir, children or a child will always bring brightness to the house and also can change our mood. Children are so innocent, that we cannot smile seeing them, their actions.
    If you are sad, and you see a child, you will automatically feel good, those little ones who talk in a slow tone completely refresh the mind.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Once when I was travelling by an autorikshaw, my eyes stuck on a picture poster pasted inside the auto.
    It was the picture of a small smiling child.The caption below was "God blesses us in different ways and this is the best
    of such blessings".

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    I completely agree with the author has said that a child changes things around him/her completely and makes the environment light, bright and happy. Everyone around the child feels like a child again and enjoy everything the child does.
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    One of the moment I want to share. One day I was so sad as the happenings were not as per my expectations and returned home with lots of unhappiness. The moment I entered, my daughter was a small child of one year. She used to walk at the age of 8 month itself. She ran towards me and gave a peck on my cheek. Thus I forgot the sorrow moment and enjoyed that jolly moment. Really children are the energy boosters to us when we are low and I can quote such real happenings and even write books on that. One thing is sure. children have the power to draw you towards them how stubborn you are.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A lovely thread by the author. There is a saying - a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

    The presence of a baby in the house makes a lot of difference, in the atmosphere. Everyone tries to steal some time with the baby.

    I remember when my younger brother, who is 13 years younger, was born, I was so much fascinated with him that I used to feed him and take care of him in my spare time voluntarily. Due to the age difference, he was like a toy for me, following me, obeying me and looking to me whenever wanted to know something. I was the major source of chocolates etc for him and he always paid special regards and affection towards me.

    Incidentally, the affectionate bond is still there and he treats me like big brother and I am the first person with whom he shares his success every time.

    I still find the image of that baby in him and adore him.

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    A very good thread like some in the past, Lets remain like babies. A small kid certainly brings joy into the house. All the daily troubles vanish, silly quarrels and arguments are avoided. Everyone has to spend time with the baby in turns and once family members get home and have a quick wash, the next thing they do is look where the baby is and start playing with it. If the baby is sleeping then the noise within the house itself is reduced, TVs, conversation etc all is done keeping the sleeping baby in mind.
    In many ways, babies or toddlers bring back all the positive things in life and acts like a mother holding a house together. If the baby catches a cold or is crying, every member of the family is anxious and disturbed until it gets better.

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