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    Parents should share sometime with their children.

    These days many of the parents are very busy with their works. They have to manage their works within the time in the house and rush to their jobs. After a busy schedule in the office, they will return to the house with a very tired face. Then they have to make the house works. In this busy schedule, they are not able to think about the activities of their children. They simply ask about their studies and marks only. Hence the gap between the parents and the children is getting widened In some cases it is giving very unwanted problems in the house.
    So parents to should make it a point to spend at least some time with their children and discuss aspects other than studies and schools. That will give a good rapport with the children and also a give a chance to the parents to see whether they are on the track or not.
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    I am also of the firm view that we the parents are due bound to understand the children at least two days in a week. I do agree that the working hours are so tight that we may not time to speak in the morning but during dinner at night all can mingle at the dining table and have a common talk on varied subject. Again reaching home at different time during late evenings are also possible. So better to have free time on Sundays and spend whole day with the children and not necessarily on outings but having a detailed discussions on the issues that gone by the week. This way all the problems can be redressed.
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    I am seeing many parents are not treating them as children. In one house, a mother express annoying voice when her child approaching for anything. Another parent do not accompanying their five year old children when she calling for toilet. In many houses, parents are not spending even half an hour with children instead they ask them to play themselves. I read a joke. In one house the father who is a busy man in his office use to leave house by 5 am before his child got up from bed and return home by 11 pm by that time the child slept. No Sunday also for him. One day he got severe fever,so he took leave and in the morning he sat in the sofa by reading newspaper. The child came from the bed and by seeing her father she run to the kitchen and wishpering to her mother,'mummy, some uncle is sitting in the hall, who is he?'. Similar situation found in many houses.

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    It is true that children should grow in the presence of parents. Every child will be truly happy only in the presence of parents. No other persons can replace them. In these days parents are employed in different sectors and the nature of job will be completely different. Sometimes only weekends will be the get together days. There are several cases in which the parents are working slightly away from the residence. This necessitates the parents to find time for travelling also in addition to working time. Naturally they get very little time to mingle with children. In such cases they must plan their daily and weekly plans and should find time to spend with their children. They can arrange an outing during weekends occasionally. Like this, depending on the availability of free time, each parent must plan to mingle with children.
    At the same time the parents must encourage their children to share the household works and responsibilities. That will definitely help the children in their future life.


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    Current family and work culture are such that children and parents get very little time to spend together, even the little time they get is made meaningless by gadgets in the hands of both parent and child.
    Parents once they get home have to delegate time for food, pending jobs at home and work-related assignments. They have to plan for the next day needs like uniforms, lunch boxes etc. Similarly, children have to allocate their time for homework, tuitions, extracurricular classes etc.
    So, both are tied up in their own worlds and need to detach themselves at least a few days a week to maintain quality bonding and ensure that they have a friendly relation that does not inhibit children to approach parents at times of difficulty.

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    I agree with the thread that parents should share with their children and spare more time for them. This keeps communication in a continuation and such continuation leads children to be more frank with parent and so whenever a child faces any kind of problem he/she can directly talk to his parent and do not follow the wrong path.
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