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    Why the street dogs fight for their area and want to lead as undisputed dog in that small area ?

    In our colony main road which is hardly two furlongs, there are three groups of street dogs which is virtually ruling their respective areas without compromising or allowing other dogs to even peep through their area. As the reason during nights one has to confront with three sets of dogs group and other animals cannot even have access to our colony road. Now my question that why the dogs want to rule over their demarcated area and what they get in return for the that and why they get furious over other dogs trying to enter their territory ?
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    I think it would be more to do with territory, competition for food and females. The animal instinct is to find food and shelter and safeguard it. So for these street dogs, roaming in a small group helps them to mark their territory and would take the intrusion of other dogs as a threat. The other may be the threat of the other males mating with females in the group. I'm not sure whether dogs live like a pack or a herd.

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    the dogs will also have some problems with other dogs like competition for food and other needs. In the places, they are familiar they know what is the availability of resources for then like food and other requirements. If other dogs come into their area the food availability may become less to them. That is why they never other dogs in that area. There is a saying Telugu which gives a meaning that for a beggar another beggar is a foe as he creates competition. Same may be applicable to this contest also I think. If more people are there to eat the buttermilk will become thinner. The same logic will hold good here also. That is why they maintain their areas and never allow others to rule over them. Probably they may also have wards and councillors and voting like aspects, we don't understand their language.
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