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    Is is correct for ISC to give space for a Bitcell advert?

    The last couple of days, whenever I login to ISC, I see this advert about 'The Bitcell'. The logo looks very attractive. The site says it is registered in California USA and allows people to trade in 15 crypto currencies.

    Most of us have heard about bitcoin and the fact that many have made money and lost in crypto-currencies but more importantly, In India, RBI and the authorities have time and again stated that cyrpto currencies are NOT legal in India.

    At ISC site, is it OK to advertise or lend the space to an illegal or controversial subject.
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    This point needs discussion. Bitcoin is losing its ground and RBI cleared that these currencies are not legal. But in many places, these advertisements are being placed by the companies regarding their activity in cryptocurrencies. So I feel the individual who wants to deal with such forms should be careful but the advertising agencies will not stop the advertisements. Cigarette smoking in public places is banned. It advocates time and again that smoking is injurious to health. But we see many adds about these products. It is also similar to that I feel.
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    Now the crypto currency mania is taking every one for the ride. As Jio is all set to launch there own bit coin sooner under the leadership of younger Ambani and thus it may not be illegal.
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    There aren't any firm bans and the ban is mostly on the transaction of bitcoins than mining it.
    Bitcoin mining is a fun activity which is offered in all platforms on mobiles and pc.
    It is very popular nowadays requiring a minimal investment and promising rewards.
    I believe these coins are called Satoshi and we have some 5 lakh satoshi or something we can draw our reward, amounting respective to the bitcoin rate.
    The aspects seem promising.
    And many people are doing it already.

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    Cryptocurrency is not legal NEITHER illegal, so what is the problem is showing the adverts?

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    Cryptocurrency is not illegal in India. So, there is no problem with the advertisement of cryptocurrency.
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    Indian Government sends Tax notices to thousands of cryptocurrency traders. A national wide survery is quoted to reveal an estimated 3.5 billion dollar worth of cryptocurrencies trade in India. Will the IT department have the last laugh?

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    People are supposed to pay taxes on profits made on the trading of Cryptocurrency. The taxation is under capital gains. Short-term capital gains would be taxed according to IT slab and long-term at 20% There is nothing to fear if one is not planning to hide these transactions.

    I would suggest you to stop trying to spread unnecessary fear.

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