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    Beware! Long distance can't always save you

    Have you purchased anything online? And you are not satisfied with the service; So, you are planning to write an adverse review thinking that nobody can't do anything to you! You are wrong. A lady in China has been beaten black and blue by the owner of an online store because the lady had written a very adverse review. Not only that, the man traveled 850 kilometer only to beat her!

    On 20th December, 2017 , Ms. Xiao Die purchased a product costing 300 yuan from Alibaba's online store, Taobao. Unfortunately, she encountered a poor post-sales experience and so, she wrote a complaint about it. Because of her complaint, the seller lost 12 points on the site's rating. So, the owner decided to teach Ms. Xiao a befitting lesson. He traveled 850 kilometer and accosted her on 27th December, 2017.

    Mr. Zhang, the owner of the online shop, attacked Ms. Xiao Die and began beating. He punched her in the face and pushed her on the floor. Everything was recorded on CCTV. Ms. Xiao has now been recuperating in hospital and Mr. Zhang is spending his time with law & order authorities of China.

    So, Members! Be careful and little bit discrete before writing a review after online purchase.
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    The distance may not be a factor if we really want to do something. Online purchases are increasing these days.Many people are going to various products online. The complaints are very rare. The products are guaranteed like normal purchases. I don't know what is the problem in that incident. Is there any other reason involved. But I am sure the online purchase is covered by all terms and conditions of offline purchase.
    It is advisable to worry about our own product performance and if it is not working alright let us go for the exchange.
    The reviews can be written by normal purchase people also. It will be the same fate for the people. So as advised by the author we should be a little careful in writing our reviews about the products.

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    Its funny how she has die in her name.
    Alibaba did such thing? It is a very prominent international website. I don't even know what to expect from Indian online stores now.
    But I think Indian women will be safe. Indian men are always protective. I'm worried about the men though.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    This can happen in India too, as mentioned in the thread we should be careful while we post and interact with strangers online. imagine a stinking but true remark being made about a powerful politician or an anti-social element in a blog or an online forum.What prevents such an incident happening to the author of the write-up.
    Many of us think online is safe and people won't know our identity, the truth is far from it, because of this misconception we drop our guard and feel free to interact.
    These online sites give easy access to our details, contact number, and address. This can be used against us if the adversely affect an individual or the site itself. This incident shows how vulnerable we are because of our online posts and comments.

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    It seems to be not believable but it might be true because to travel 850kms to beat a woman costs too much comparing with the cost of seller time and his product. In addition, it is foolish thing also. However, after careful using of the product came from online store, we should give the reviews on it. Otherwise, it costs so much expense to us. There are so many review websites. Some websites give money to post positive and negative reviews for the products. If we post content in negative without using the product then it may cost any severe action to us. So, this thread is helpful to be alert about writing such reviews.

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    I think after this news coming in the social media Mr. Zhang will now not only reduce his point more but might even his ownership will be affected. This incident on hearing seems funny but giving a warning about online shopping which we should not avoid.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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