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    Do you ever think what kind of thinker you are?

    I divide thinking into three: objective, subjective and lateral.

    Well there might be other types too but I primarily consider these three.
    1. Objective thinkers : very common. Concerned about the goal alone. They think "what" mostly.
    These conventional types are troubleshooters because they know their goals and number of ways of achieving it.

    2. Subjective thinkers : a lesser common version. They think "who" mostly. They are concerned about subjects than objects. That is, a detailed study on different aspects of a path.
    They can be very good psychologist, lawyers, gamers, sportsperson and doctors.

    3. Lateral thinkers : a rarity. There are 99 straight ways to reach a point and one curved path.

    These people think "how else". They come in handy when all others fail.
    So naturally these people have a strong genius aura on their faces.
    They go down in history as the greatest strategist or detective or scientist.

    I consider myself an objective thinker after a thorough self--examination. As long as results are achieved I don't care about the method.
    That is the indication of my thinking type.
    Tell me which category you fall in.
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    Frankly, I had not yet thought what thinker I am. I had also not studied in my academics about such categories. I may have to take time and review and analyse about me and then decide what kind of thinker I am.

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    Although I have heard these three types of thinkers earlier, but I don't know in which category I fall. May be I think differently in different circumstances. Others who are closely associated with my day-to-day life, can comment more accurately in this regard.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If this classification is true I can't put myself in one category completely and thus thinks that I am somewhere between subjective and objective thinking and keeps changing depending on the situation.
    Sometimes objects are my priority whereas sometimes subjects are my priority.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    I,as a mere observer, thought that I could point out.
    Partha is an objective thinker from what I've seen.
    Venkateswaran, you are a very subjective thinker, grasping various aspects about a topic.
    Neelam, I feel the same about you, but you have lateral tendencies too .
    I saw that from your responses.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    What I feel that the best thinker must have all the three features in him. Even in the news what we see daily see on the television or read on the papers, five things are aptly followed. What , why, who, when and how is followed to become a complete news, otherwise we cannot trust such news. Same way we draw conclusions from our thinking process. Those who are "What" thinkers, they have the tendency to investigate more, those who are "why" thinkers, they are on the path of knowing more, those who are "when" thinker, then they are just inquiring about the news or the incident, those who are "who" thinkers, they are probably figuring out the real person behind the issue and those who are "how" thinkers, they are on the path of retrieving the full information of the issue be it past, present or future and thus tabulate the entire issue in to a real happening.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel most of us will have a combination of these three categories albeit in different quantity.

    If I am given a freedom of examining myself, which in many cases be objective, I will say that I posses the second and first one in considerable quantities but the third category is not reflecting anywhere.

    I also opine that lateral thinking may come with maturity and wisdom if a person concentrates for everyones welfare rather then confining to his own selfish world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A well write up on different methods of the thinking process, I feel I can't put myself in a single type. I may be a combination of all the three depending on the situation and the matter. Many people will be like this only, I feel.
    When we come up with a new subject which is not very familiar subject to us we may think out of the box and there we may be a lateral thinker. When the matter is known very well to us, then the chances of thinking in many ways and choosing the best will come. Here we will be subjective thinkers. Subjective thinking will be with aspects which are not familiar much to us but we have to be successful, then we may go for subjective thinking. These three technics will be used by all basing on the situation.

    always confident

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    An interesting thread Aditya. I think we should have a combination of all the three, depending on the circumstances we can lean towards being objective or subjective, even at times lateral thinking. I cannot honestly say which group I would fall into.
    I think our country needs a mix of leaders at the top level with all three types of thinking to help the country grow, for us to have a stable system in politics and for us to deal with our chronic issues with our neighbors/enemies in the order of objective, subjective and lateral thinking.

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