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    Adjusting with different lifestyles is not easy for everyone

    Basically talking about the way of living today, we are living in a metro city leading a very busy life, occupied in our services and job. The way of living that we have developed is kind of a modern type if we may say so. Starting from the way of speaking, to the way we dress up and to the way we talk with our youngsters and elder people. If someone asks us to go to a village and adjust to that environment, it will really be difficult.

    Talking about the people who live in a village or small cities, they have a different way of living. They are very traditional types, the way they dress up, the way they eat, they may speak in a local dialect, not even proper Hindi and so on. But I feel they can adjust to any environment though the kind of etiquettes that we follow and are into, may not be familiar to them.

    Is it all related to the fact that we are not able to adjust to them? Suppose if a family member comes from a village to live with us for a couple of days, there is no doubt that we will care them and serve them fully. But are there certain things about their way of living that we are not able to adjust with? Have you also thought about the same ever?

    We have since adopted our current living style and maybe we say that it is the finest one and we find it hard to adjust with their ways. Are you also a very stiff kind of person and not that much adjustable?

    Do share your opinions.
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    I differ a little with the author in this aspect. The lifestyle depends on the individuals' mentality rather than the place of living. I will be visiting our native place very often to spend some time with my parents. There also there is a lot of change in the lifestyles of people. The way the college-going children behave there also is exactly like how the college students behave in cities. There is no change. Many teenagers there also trying to be modern and never care for the elders and they behave as they like. But in cities also there are some teenagers who go as per the wishes of their parents and respect their words and advises.
    Probably it is not the place where they live but this the way how the parents train their children. If the parents are also if modern thinking people they may not bother for the varied behaviour of the children and they leave them to their fate.

    always confident

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    To accommodate with new environment and new society is not so simple. There are so many considerations a person has to weigh before adopting necessary changes.

    Even a village person may not be comfortable with the facilities of the city. He will require his own fellows to talk and share things.

    There are very few people who can adopt to changed situations quickly. They are the gifted ones. They can perceive the coming changes much earlier than others and speculate successfully what their steps should be to accommodate with the changed scenario in terms of place as well as situation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Adapting depends on the environment, individual and the urgency. For instance, if one is a vegetarian and is stuck on an island that has only non-vegetratian food. He or she is forced to adapt because the alternative is starvation and death.
    Similarly, we all are hesitant to adapt easily, hence find reasons not to come out of our comfort zone and find it difficult to give up or take up new ways of living. As time goes by, we adapt with a variable speed, be it a villager coming to the city or a city dwellers going to the village.
    Few decades ago, apartment culture was shunned, inter-caste marriages were a taboo, now it is accepted with the passage of time, changing views and for lack of options.
    Survival of the fittest is what we all know about Darwin's theory. Some opine that Darwin has also mentioned that the ones that are able to adapt quickly are the ones, that can survive better.

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