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    Are we outsourcing our child’s education?

    In earlier days even less educated parents spent time for their kid's education in following up their school studies, understand the things and then explain it to their child. It was like a second schooling for parents where they had to again get familiar with whatever they studied in their school days and explain it to the child. Sending for tuition was only at higher classes like 9th and 10th grade and above when difficulty level became unmanageable.

    The situation has now drastically changed especially in metro and big cities where even many highly educated parents hardly spend time themselves for their child's education. They are too busy in their pursuits for earning money and gaining more and more material comfort. For them sitting with their child, understanding their problems in studies and clearing their doubts becomes an overhead which they do not want to take and send them to the tuition classes from 5th and 6th-grade itself.

    Necessity is the mother of invention, so seeing this trend lot of coaching and tuition centers have cropped up in every part of the city which takes advantage of this. Many parents literally outsource their child's education to these third-party agencies and have a carefree life. These parents never know as to what problem child is facing in studies and what knowledge they require apart from what is taught in school. Children get left to the mercy of coaching classes and private tuitions for their education. Even in summer vacations, we see that children are engaged in all sorts of hobby classes and summer camps so that parents can have free time.

    When a child starts studying their parents are a mentor for them and they expect that they will have answers to all their doubts. If we think of child's perspective it must be demotivating when they see that their parents are not interested in spending time on their studies.

    Would it not be great if educated parents of today try to apply a brake to their fast-paced life and carve out some time to invest in their kid's education? Rather than outsourcing their child's studies if they themselves solve their queries, give them extra knowledge and make them study at home then it will be a morale booster for the child.
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    Nice thread from the author. I fail understand as to why the parents are burdening the small child with tuition classes even for the primary education as if he is not understanding at the school and projected dull by the teacher. Parents are having wrong notion that children should need extra dose of education to be ahead of his competitors and thus they deny the pleasure of playing and the child gets boredom over the life and his performance at the tuition centre also falls. Being educated each parent must spend time with the child, understand the problems, make him learn from his own understanding level, never force superlative learning techniques at the young age, and never confuse him with modern gadgets as the supplement to learn and thus give him ample time to understand his responsibility to learn and be ahead among others.
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    It is really an unfortunate scenario that we are totally busy with our job and career and in that race ignore the children. We feel that providing high-class tuitions is the end of our attention to them.

    There is no need of tuitions for the kids until unless they are mentally dull and laggards. A small-time devoted by either of the parents is sufficient to push them for their learnings. They have a tender mind. They do not require bulldozing of ideas in their mind. They will learn themselves through toys and small booklets.

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    It is true. We are outsourcing the education of our children these days. When my sons were in primary school and high school, my wife used to spend a good time with them to see that they will attend to all their works given in the school. She used to explain the points to them. She used to see that they will understand the lessons properly. If anything she is not able to explain she used to made me explain the points. She was taking a lot of care for their studies. When they are in intermediate I was sitting with them and helping them in their studies. Once they are in their engineering course they were studying on their own.
    But these days parents are very busy and not able to see what their children are studying. So they will arrange colleges studies, tuitions and coaching centres so on so forth. This may not be a good practice.

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    Instead of putting a break in their hectic life, I strongly feel we all should put a brake on the amount of hype and sophistication that has got entrenched in modern day school education, at least up to 10th.

    The present-day parents due to various commitments to work, career, demands of a nuclear family have laid out the blueprint for all sectors related to a child's education how to make money. when everything is outsourced for an agreed sum, their responsibilities are shared by others.

    We cannot blame the parents alone, the system is also against them. Many families cannot run with the income of one person. For both parents to work, run the home and making the ends meet is so demanding that there is no time left to focus on the child.

    Few can afford to take a career break and take care of their children's need. Also, today's syllabus has also changed, what was taught in 8th standard in the last decade is now being taught in the 4th standard itself, sometimes it is difficult to guide the children too, hence the need for tuitions.

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