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    Even kite will not fly above money.

    Now the society is finding a real problem. There are several problems which are solved through the power of money. For example if there is post for which an interview is conducted, the selection will not be based on qualification and experience, but based on the transaction of money behind the scene. This is taking place both in the public and private sectors. For college admissions this has been well accepted, only the size of the money is being bargained. This has been accepted in the selection of the teachers as well.
    Money decide who is the criminal in a crime. True criminals very often escape and innocent persons get the punishment. In politics also money is the real hero. The candidature of a person is decided very often depending on how much money one ready to spend. Thus the society is controlled by the money purse. Not even a kite (bird) will fly above money. In Malayalam this is a prase: " Panathinu mukalil parunthum parakkilla" (Not even a kite - garudan like bird - will fly above money).
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    Very nice thoughts from the author's mind. Though the kite referred as the bird in the content, being the Sankranthi season I am relating the topic to the real kites being sent high in the sky and that is also having limitations as we have to spend as per our buying ability. Now the International festival of Kites is being underway at Hyderabad, and one could see costly imported kites being flown by the contestants. Though they are here to entertain us with their marvellous creation and possession of wonderful kites, the money matter is involved here and the visitors are just feeling happy to watch the kites flying high but do not dare to buy one as the cost matters.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The power of money is established beyond doubt in our society, though it is not a recent phenomenon. History is witness to this evil of money during the reign of various kings in erstwhile kingdoms.

    The greed for money is the root cause of all deviations in the society. The lack of governance only adds fuel to fire.

    The authors view that money can achieve everything is correct to quite an extent though there are still certain things which are beyond the purview of this greatest force on earth. To name a few - peace of mind and happiness are still the alluding ones for even the richest people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A fact. Money is only running the society. Money can make miracles.
    A note gone to the person is not accepted but when the note is accompanied by money NOT ACCEPTED will become NOTE ACCEPTED. Your ability or intelligence will not fetch you a job but money can fetch you a job.
    The entire world is after money only. Everything is decided by the money only.
    Many people in the society are losing good chances even though they are good due to lack of money.Money can do many things. Money can change the entire way of living. The more the money you have the more you are big. So people are trying to acquire maximum possible money without looking for the way you are earning or ethics. The ultimate aim is to get money only.
    But peace of money and happiness can't come through money. They will be yours when you are happy with what you have.

    always confident

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    We have been immersed in corrupt practices to such an extent, that coming out of it would take time. Though corruption takes place by the giver and taker, we always discuss about the taker and not the giver. If the giver is strict and adhere to the rules and also insists that he wont favour with money then the taker would have been exposed in public. But somewhere the selfish attitude in us would allow for corruption and we want to get rid of the situation by greasing the palms. And it is invariably most present in government departments which wont mend their ways unless and until there would be agitation on grand scale.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is generalizing that money is dictating every phase of life. It true that money can buy many things but not everything. The author himself as a Professor should know well that seats in management quota can be purchased but not the seats that are allocated on merit basis. Regarding jobs, if money is the only criteria, poor people cannot get any jobs. There may be cases of corruption involved in some of the jobs but not all. The comment on the judiciary is very serious one and I do not accept it. The judiciary in India is fairly honest and believed by the people. In politics, the political parties are giving weight to winning candidates rather than the merit.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    We were all taught that motherhood is the purest form of joy or blessing that one can have. Yet we live in a world wherein the very same is bought for money via surrogacy by some who can perfect be mother's themselves but do not choose to do so. We live in a world wherein the life of a daughter-in-law is smothered for money even before her true married life starts. We live in a time where children murder their own parents for grabbing their wealth.

    So, in the current world, money plays an important role in many aspects to seeks favors, to buy silence, to get things done or to get things undone. Since ancient times we have heard of Kings and Kingdoms suffer because they are betrayed by their own people for money. We all blame the policeman for taking a bribe of Rs 50-100 but ingnore the few who have looted crores and crores.

    I think we cannot change it because of the potent combination of the human mind with its greed and money with its power. So, in the face of such power, what chance the bird/Kite has, the only solace is that the Garudan stands higher as a holy vehicle, whereas money stands as an immoral vehicle.

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