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    The moment you pick your pencil, your pen loses it's sharpness

    Confusing title? Let me explain. We all have been in situations where we are in a position to explain something to someone. We all have different ways of explaining.
    You and I can explain about a same topic, same aspect, in two completely different ways.

    But how does picking up my pencil influences the sharpness of pen? And what is sharpness of pen ? Pencils have sharpness. Pens can neither lose or gain sharpness.
    Then what am I referring to here?

    Have you observed? Sometimes a person pauses his explanation in the middle and starts drawing
    Obviously because pictorial signals are easier to understand than verbal descriptions. But what does that show? Your inability to express yourself verbally.

    Words like like, you know, wait, well, nice etc. ; kills your vocabulary.
    With a dead vocabulary, you become inefficient to express yourself verbally. Hence you resort to draw.

    That's when you pick up the pencil, abandoning your pen.

    As soon as you did that, your pen and your words lost their sharpness.
    So next time, try your level best to build your description rather than tracing a figure. It might be difficult but its the only way you can breathe life into your dead vocabulary.
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    When a person pause while talking or explaining, there could be many reasons. That he is trying to connect a branch story with the main topic, or trying to recollect his own experience on the matter, or having forgotten the original matter and now trying to pad the lecture. Nevertheless what the author said is right. When you pick up the pencil our thoughts on drawing a pattern or image goes on without stopping and there could be a definite result. But when we start with pen, the thoughts run amok and even derail from the main topic. So having full attention while writing and talking is recommended.
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    The writer has tried to convey the inability of many people while expressing and there desperate attempts to go for sketches to explain. The relation of pencil and pen brought out is quite amusing and interesting.

    The expression is a hard-earned quality and that is which decides your leadership in the literary world. The same thing can be expressed by different writers differently while some will be common pieces of texts while others mesmerize their readers.

    So let us keep our pencils aside and hold the pens tightly.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good way of expression. The author's pen has not lost its sharpness as so far he has not taken his pencil and he is able to explain the concept well. It is true many people search for words to explain the matter properly and they may resort to trying through some sketches.
    I feel the receiver will also receive the information much better if we explain using visuals also in addition to audios.
    That is why these days audiovisuals are acquiring a lot of importance in the education field. This will make the students understand the matter much better than normal teaching.
    I appreciate the capability of the author in presenting the matter very nicely.

    always confident

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    I would have to disagree here. In real life, we need to use the pen and the pencil because, for any event that involves communication, the results are important. To ensure that the communication is fruitful, it is of paramount importance to convey the message clearly.Here comes the role of the pencil to supplement the role of the pen.

    Have you seen a navigator without a map, a statistician without a graph, a doctor explaining a disease without a diagram? Even the basic books for toddlers with A, B, C comes with pictures and drawings for better understanding.

    Apart from the extremely academic oriented English professors or literature exponents, common people like you and me should focus on our verbal vocabulary but not at the cost of compromising on the quality of the message delivered.

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    Haha I agree. Signals are paramount.
    But we take words for granted and that pains me.
    We don't even try to explain with words nowadays.
    Infact we have this habit of screenshots nowadays. We just show people clips or screenshot instead of explaining.

    Those are the things I despise.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I don't agree with the author completely, for some situation, your statement might be true but not every time because sometimes we hold a pen to make people understand the thing in a better way that doesn't mean we are incapable of explaining things verbally. It is often used to make receiver comfortable. However, I do agree that one can enhance the sharpness of their pencil by trying to make people understand verbally in best possible ways.
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