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    Why Fight for kite , when the cost of it would a pittance ?

    Today being Sankranthi festivities started, the children are busy with flying kites. Instead of flying the kites, it is interesting to watch how the kites are being detached from the threads by rival kites and the road side people vying each other to catch old of the detached kite is something pondered over. The cost of the kite may be pittance and for that people brace up for big fight and in the melee there are tough face offs between the group and that takes to rivalry. Actually kites are made to fly the direction of the wind so that new crops can be cleaned and segregated. But this kite festival seems to be building more rivalry than friendship.
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    The kites are flying high in Hyderabad today being the kites festival. Many children are happy in flying the kites from their housetops. These days kites are available at a very low price and I have not seen anywhere the scenes expressed by the author in our area of residence. Probably this is happening in some places of the city. Why should they develop enmity for the sake of these small items? Very unfortunate and unwanted. It indicates that in our country there are many families even in cities like Hyderabad who can't afford a kite for their children.
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    The author has forgotten his childhood. We used to fight for kites during our childhood days. We used to cut the string of our friends' kites. We used to run to catch the kites coming down. Did we consider the price of kites? We used to show captured kites to our friends. We used to announce proudly: ''I have purchased five kites and I have another ten captured kites.''

    Alas! The author has totally forgotten the joys and challenges of kite-flying and capturing kites.

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    The thrill of kite fighting and in the process winning some kites just by jumping and catching them on the rooftops is something which will make any person, who has done it in his childhood, nostalgic about it.

    Certain amount of competition and rivalry is required if you really want to enjoy the fun side of a festival. There are many such festivals in the world where games are associated and people enjoy playing them with full interest and vigour.

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    Sir, it is not the price or cost, it is the thrill, pride, and satisfaction for a child/teenager to capture another kite. When gangs or groups form from different areas and start fighting it turns ugly and the true joy of a healthy competitive sport for a child is gone.
    Many of us would have played with wooden tops (buguri/bambaram/lattu), there is intense competition to hit the other top that is on the ground trying to damage it or get it out of the circle. Such simple games may look a little silly of us as adults but it is pure joy at that age.

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    This thread reminds me a humorous story attributed to a local King. It may also be just imaginary and concocted by some one opposed to the King.
    The story goes that the King who was witnessing a football match made an order to his Minister that let each player be given a separate ball. Why should twenty two men fight for a single ball in his kingdom when he can provide everyone with a ball!!

    The thril of a sports or game also lies in the spirit of competition, an urge to defeat the other team(s)

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    For that matter I was also a good kite catcher among so many persons and my record of catching 32 kites during one Sankranthi was still live in my mind.
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