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    Agriculture in Arunachal

    Northeast and south India are good rice producers while west and central India produces wheat predominantly.
    Agriculture in Arunachal is a bit different. Here the fish are grown in paddy fields. These fishes eat away harmful insects and their feces contribute to crop's fertility.
    In the harvesting season, crops are cut and fishing is done at the same time.

    I think that the idea is very brilliant. This kind of agriculture was earlier seen in Indonesian islands.
    We have no idea how Arunachal Pradesh people got grasp over this.
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    It is nice information. In fact, I have no idea of this kind of form. In the south, some of the paddy fields are converted to ponds for the production of fishes and prawns. They dig ponds and start cropping these animals which will give good returns but over a period of time the lands will become unfertile and are not used for any further crop. again the fields are to be made ready with a lot of fertilisers etc. for bringing back the land to fertility.
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    A few days earlier, I replied to an article that aquarium water can also be used as home plant fertilizer instead of throwing it off while cleaning it.
    Is it safe for the crops, doesn't the stagnant water damage the crops? If its good, then a brilliant idea. We have learned about crop cycling now we are learning about combined crop cycling of plants and fishes, a great way to boost the farmer's income.
    I think Venkiteswarn sir, mentioned somewhere that an enemies' enemy becomes our friend (something like that). Here the insects (enemies of our crop) are taken care by the insect's enemies (fishes) and the man finally gets to keep both.

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    Fish has been reared to have the cleaning effect of paddy fields in Arunachala Pradesh. This seems to be new information. But what I feel that in the garb of hunting those fish even other animals would have free for all situation in the open fields and there fore there are every chance of crops getting damaged or eaten by other animals. But fish have the characteristics of cleansing even the water and that is why when you go to a temple tank , wait for a while to clean your feet by the small tiny fish. This has been personally experienced by me at the Oppiliappan Koil in Kumbakonam.
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