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    Nobody is correcting my mistakes

    When I joined ISC, I learnt that writing in Forum section will be helpful to improve my English. Although initially, I gave stress in 'Ask Expert' section, later I found Forum section more interesting and started concentrating in this Section. In Forum section, the discussions are lively, interesting and I get to know various viewpoints. Although I occasionally write in some other sections of ISC, I am basically a 'Forum-man'.

    However, I have found that the 'improvement in English'' part is a little bit doubtful. Generally, the English are not being scrutinized. Nobody points out the mistakes committed by me while writing. If nobody points out my mistakes, how can my English will improve?

    [P.S.: Only five minutes ago, I have installed Grammarly app in my browser. Let me see whether my English improves, or not.]
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    Your English is good. So nobody is finding any mistakes in your writings. That is the reason no mistakes are being pointed out. Grammarly is a good way to correct our spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Now as you have installed it will further improve your English.
    Definitely Forum section is much lively and it will give a lot of chance for the members to improve their English.

    always confident

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    Parthaji, first of all be confident on your language. Editors in ISC are always be ready to monitor the forum threads. I have my personal experience that one of my threads was cancelled to answer by other members. For that they told the reason of low quality content. Here low quality content means content with grammatical mistakes or other may be. According to my concern, your language is free from errors whether grammatical, syntactical or spelling mistakes. I thing that my language has mistakes in writing ISC. But I seek the knowledge from the content of fellow members. Therefore automatically our language will be free from any errors.

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    Sir, as far as my concern, your English is quite good. I hardly found any grammatical mistake in your sentences. However, as you have installed Grammarly extension in your browser, so now it will help you to improve your English in a better way.
    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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    Partha, editors do correct mistakes in the threads and responses as well. They may overlook some threads/ responses which are relatively free from grammar/ spelling errors. To err is human and we do make all efforts to correct/ change mistakes to the best of our ability and in consultation with our team where necessary.

    But, it is not practical for us to keep intimating the members about the mistakes they make and to suggest corrections though messages are sent to members who keep repeating mistakes. We do suggest members follow their threads/ responses (have been told umpteen times for various reasons) so that they can make out whether something they have written has been corrected or changed. I am sure many members must have observed and taken note of the same.

    Grammarly is a helpful tool but relying entirely on the same to correct your mistakes won't be very safe.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Here I am not talking about the rectification of mistakes by the Editors. I do know that this is not possible. I hope that glaring spelling mistakes or mistakes in the construction of sentences would be pointed out by other Members.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If one is not corrected by others means, the reason should be:
    1.his work contains no mistake or
    2.nobody is there to correct.

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    I have not seen many mistakes Mr.Partha, your threads particularly those of the unsung heroes are well constructed and are quality writings.Pointing out grammatical errors always may not be possible by the editors and if members point out, some authors may not take it in the right spirit, this may be the other reason for the reluctance. I, personally feel as far as grammar is considered, the person suggesting the corrections must be very sure of the correct language ( this is often mistaken as a good command in English) or must be a well-read individual who is on an editorial team or a teacher of English.

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    I agree with you Partha sir that when I joined ISC all the elderly members of ISC used to point out my grammatical mistakes and that helped me a lot in improving my English but these days nobody cares what we write or how we write.
    I know I make too many mistakes in punctuation and sometimes grammatical also but no one points it out now sometimes I realize those mistakes myself and sometimes they remain the way they are and people give a response to them. Often people give a response without reading what is in a thread in accordance with the title of the thread without reading what is inside this superficial reading becomes clearly visible through their response. Now members are not much serious about reading forums they just want to score points and neither they care about the relevance of the topic or matter in it.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Forum is the ocean and you does not know the swimming. And the boat in which you are travelling capsizes. Thus it is on your own you must come to the shore taking all risks. For that matter every one of us are the learners here and are making our presence felt with what ever knowledge available with us. Some times we are coming out with good words and English and many a times we may be faltering. And one more thing, if other member tries to find faults with us, we may feel offended and that matter goes serious too. Not every one takes the learning serious and the ego problems set in. What is better recommended that the authors must ensure themselves as to usage of right words, forming right sentence, and above all churning out simple sentences to the understanding level of our members and get going.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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