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    Antscanada- a channel you should be watching

    YouTube. A heaven for weirdos. A platform for quirks.
    I really treasure my social media because the channels I subscribe teach me a lot of stuff.
    But education comes before entertainment for me. I found a channel today that perfectly caters to this itch of mine.

    Are you fond of insects? Fond of documentaries? Bored of the same old programs in Discovery and Animal Planet?
    Go to Antscanada channel on YouTube. As the name suggests it is all about different types of ants and farming them.

    What makes this channel unique is that episodes are released week after week concerning different aspects of ant-farming. Yes, I know that doesn't sound very appealing. But it is the narration that makes the videos worthwhile.

    I would ask you to watch few videos of this channel and decide for yourself.
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    Aditya, this thread slipped by me. Why no replies yet? I never knew a site dedicated to ants. They have merchandise related to ant colony, how to breed them. and ant nests. Looks like one can have an unusual hobby and earn money by selling the ants that are farmed. One needs the interest in this highly focused and offbeat hobby of rearing ants!

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    This is a good information. I never know that there is a separate site about ants. Now I will try to trace the same. After seeing only I will get the details andI can raise any doubts if I get. Anyhow this is the advantage of research. Your research for a separate and different area has given you the result
    always confident

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    Wow a channel dedicated to the cause of ants. The thought itself very interesting and surely we will be treated with visual delight on ants behaviour and I am going to watch this channel right now.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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