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    Why are founding fathers always the elders?

    Not only in India but founding fathers of almost all the nations are older men.
    George Washington of USA. Vladimir Lenin of USSR. Charlemagne of France. Mahatma Gandhi of India.

    Elders have a lot of experience. So it is natural that the founding fathers were elders.
    But have you ever thought about this? Youth makes a country. So the constitution must be written with youth in mind.
    The youth today is facing a lot of problems because the founding fathers were elders. That's the plight of youth all over the world.

    Well that's my opinion. Are you in agreement with mine?
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    Aditya, I think you need to bring in more clarity. A person is referred to as the founding father of a state or institution when he has been instrumental in finding out or forming that particular state or organization. I don't understand how you are connecting age or experience with this common phenomenon. Just note that even if you start an organization or institution, you will be referred to as the founding father of that organization or institution irrespective of whether you have members who are senior working with you. For example, Tony sir is the founding father of ISC.

    Kindly correct me if I had got you wrong.

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    Saji. I know. But look at the examples kindly.
    And I'm clearly talking about the founding fathers of nations here.
    Sure, there were a million young freedom fighters who were instrumental in founding the independent India but Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Sashtri; are called often as the founding fathers. And Gandhi is referred to as father of the nation.

    But this isn't a case with India alone. As I stated in my examples countries of the world at different ages had their founding fathers as elderly men.

    Why aren't young founding fathers prominent ?
    When it is clear, that because youth runs a country , youth should make a country too.
    Our laws are ancient when problems are anew.

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    The people who made the constitution has to keep the various sections of the society in mind. That is correct. As told by the author the constitutions have been made by elders who know the importance of the youth in the society. But the politicians after the implementation of the constitutions are bringing in many changes which are giving the problems to the youth. So here what I feel is the founding fathers made the constitutions basing on the conditions prevailing at that particular moment of time. If really some good changes are required they are to be, made by the present leaders. But unfortunately the vote politics are prevailing and all the acts of the government are in that direction only. This attitude is to be changed. For that present-day youth should come into the field and should be fought out all the evils and see that youth problems will be solved. So there is no point in blaming the founding father. Become the fighting youth for justice. That should be the attitude. This is my understanding of the issue.
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    Aditya, I think you are having these doubts as you belong to a new generation than the generations in which founding fathers were born.

    If you look back, many countries that we know of having a rich history or heritage have founding fathers as young or middle-aged adults. Generally, in the pre-digital or the pre-internet ear, youth meant vitality, immaturity and a streak of irrationality. Many leaders who started young had to undergo hardships with patience and perseverance. They had an acceptable degree of social and moral high ground apart from the commitment to the masses as political leaders.

    Slowly, the values of the so-called leaders have eroded and from an era where it was difficult to find a corrupt, meaningless person in authority we have reached a stage wherein we have to struggle to find a good leader who has the values of the founding fathers.

    Parellely, with the explosion of travel, internet, social connectivity, suddenly we find youth as a force to reckon.
    If people like you, come forward or get into the administration widely and consistently and then into politics with accountability, I'm sure in a few decades people will be talking about youth like you are talking about the founding fathers.

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    By the way those who made a surge or invented something in their life were also young at that time. When Mahatma Gandhi got that bitter experience of being thrown out from the Railway bogie in South Africa, he was the young angry man with coat and suit. Later that insult pained him a lot and paved the way for freedom movement and by the time India was about to get the freedom, he has become elder man to everyone. But his thoughts were very much young and that began during his teen age only. So if good thing are achieved they do become famous and in the process we must respect their age too.
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