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    Parents teach your wards correct history of the country.

    Generally, in our country students are exposed to history very little and after SSC, the science stream people will never be taught history. So whatever history they get up to that class may not give them the complete information about the history of the country. Another problem is in the textbooks for the writers it is not possible to bring in all the people who really worked for the country. So parents should give some time to the children to tell them the history of the country. All the people who struggled for the country and the society should be known to them.Otherwise, parents should try to inculcate the habit of reading books to their children so that they can read various history books which will give some good knowledge about Indian history.
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    Super posting sir. Everybody should follow this. To follow this one need not possess ready-made knowledge but can enrich for this. I read Indian History by Mahajan for my elder brother during his BA final year exam as he fell sick of severe fever. I read and told him one by one when he was in bed as well when we go to exam hall by rikshaw. Now I am telling all history of India to y brother's 7 years old daughter. In many school books History topics like British, moghul samrajya, freedom war etc., It is our, every true Indian's duty to tell such history to the present children.

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    History is a very powerful subject. Twisting history can create havoc. Every right-thinking Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi can easily understand this. Let me confine myself to India (partitioned India) only. Since independence, the Marxist historians have forced us wrong, incorrect and twisted history. They have done it with purpose. They have done this with the active support of Nehru and his followers. Their sole purpose is to create an inferiority complex to the minds of the majority community of the country by belittling everything Indian and by praising every component of foreign/invading culture.

    As a result, we talk about Persian architecture but forget about Pallava architecture. We talk about Portuguese navy but forget the navy of the Chola kingdom. We talk about Hussein Shah, the sultan of Bengal, but forget about the Pala dynasty, which was at least ten times more than the Hussein Shah kingdom and culturally hundred times advanced. We know about Mir Jumla, who attacked Ahom kingdom, but are forced to forget Lachit Borphukan and Atan Borgohain, who destroyed mighty Mughal force on the banks of mighty Brahmaputra. We know about Shahjahan but forget Rani Karnavati. We forget mighty Vijayanagara kingdom.

    Similarly, we go on ranting about non-violent movement but forget thousands of revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives. We forget Santhal rebellion, Chuar rebellion, rebellions in North-East. We go on talking about ''Quit India'' movement but forget Naval Mutiny of 1946, the last movement against the British before independence.

    Time has come to throw away the distorted history books written by historians of the medieval period and so-called Marxist historians of the so-called modern period. It is a herculean task, but we have to do it, for the sake of the future generations of the country.

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    I do agree with the author that children must have the knowledge of history from primary class itself and invariably I find that the parents themselves are averse to History subject and they are not able to give extra attention on this subject. Therefore the students who are intelligent enough could grab the subject and others are left in lurch. And if they go to higher classes where history also important even in entrance exams and competitive exams the students would face stiff competition and many a time they fail. Nevertheless Maths and history are the main subjects which must be taught at basic classes.
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    The basic history is taught at the high school level and that is sufficient. If someone is more interested in knowing history, they can always study it from the books or pursue a course of study in that particular area. The parents are more interested in securing the future of their children rather than anything else. Now on the internet, we have a very powerful source of information regarding anything. The internet can be utilized to learn anything. How many parents have the time and patience to guide their children? The students are already burdened with a lot of subjects to read. Do they have time to spend on history books?
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    A good suggestion but this would be difficult for two important reasons.

    The first being, in our country, history and religion go together and hence difficult to maintain communal harmony when we start teaching detailed history with passion and fanatism. For instance, parents of a particular religion would focus on the destruction of a Masjid or a temple or a church. Expecting parents to focus only on history in an unbiased manner would be impossible and the same for the children listening to it, they would form biased opinions about a particular faith.

    Secondly, history never has any place in any mainstream competitive exams, so, there is no incentive for parents to teach history. For example, if history is made mandatory in the NEET exams for doctors, IITJEE for IITs and GATE for engineers, then certainly we can see a change about the level of awareness of history among our children.

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    Our main fault is that we always try to equate education with the career. Can't we receive education for the sake of knowledge? The dishonest historians have fully taken advantage of the mistake committed by us. Why do we try to co-relate history education with the career? Even if, the children study history up to Class X, they must learn correct history. They must not learn the perspective of the barbarians, invaders and followers of a Utopian ideology.
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    In India, we have to always equate education with the career. We cannot afford to receive education for the sake of knowledge only. History is a narration of the events that happened in sequence. We cannot break them to suit our purpose.
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    I have said this for umpteen times. History cannot be re-written. But history can be twisted to suit a particular perspective. Should we allow our children to read twisted history which suits the perspective of invaders, barbarians and Marxists?
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    In my post what I have in my mind is the subject should be known to the younger generation. I never asked the government to include this in the syllabus or I never asked all to study for the sake of qualification. My request is to parents only to consider teaching them in the house if you have time and think useful. My personal opinion is that it will be useful for the children to understand the history of the country.
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    If History can not be re-written but can be described unbiased. And who said - "We cannot afford to receive education for the sake of knowledge only. " Why not? If Science is education, history too, if Geography is education, history too. Without history do we say about our existence? Why can't we teach our kids which is correct or true?

    I don't know about others but I do that with my kid. I make sure that if she know about Gandhiji, she must know about Netaji and Bhagat singh too. I am not teaching that only Gandhiji has made this country free but all the people who were behind this great struggle. If she know about Akbar, I would make sure that she must know about Maharana Pratap too.

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