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    Wondering on this different attitude of people

    Presently many people questioning or hesitating to sit or follow the rituals as per their religion or caste. They forget totally about the background of doing so as they are only meant for the welfare of their and their family. They set aside the words of own elders vehemently but nodding their heads to both widely speedy for a word of a doctor who is totally a new man to him, in spite by paying fees. Elders advised youngsters to do the daily ritual of sandhya vandana after upanayana. They moved them but doing the same in other form by learning from unknown person by paying fees.
    Example:pranayama is a part but by ignoring that people are learning and doing the same by paying a good volume of money in the name of breathing excercise. This is one example but many are there, youngsters, please do respect your elders(the real well-wishers )words.
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    In 1970s many of the youth were not able to concentrate more on the rituals required for their welfare. The main reason for that is not having sufficient financial resources and struggle for existence. So the youth those days kept these rituals aside and started going for other ways and means of livelihood. In that pursuit, they have forgotten about these rituals. Slowly in late 19990s and early 2000s because of the IT sector, many people got some good jobs and their financial position improved. Now as the money is available plenty and nobody is suffering the youth is also started. Now many youngers are starting understanding the importance of the rituals and they started performing the required. This is a good development and many people are performing Upanayana and they are starting Sandhyavandanam these days. Everything now for good is only happening.
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    There are some very good things in our culture but unfortunately we are not following them though they are time and again advised by our elders.

    Yoga, Pranayam, Surya Namaskar etc are some of the great activities which can change the life of a person completely and that is something to be felt only after adopting those things.

    Many youngsters just ignore the advice of their elders thinking that it has no value and as author has very nicely brought out in this thread, these young people search same solutions in outside world by paying hefty fees.

    It means there is a gap of knowledge transmission from elders to the young people. We can not blame only the young ones. Probably the elders are not able to impress their points with the young generation.

    Whatever be the reason we are being deprived from the legacy of great knowledge due to our shear ignorance and to some extent negligence.

    Knowledge is power.

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    DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao has made a valid point that it is only after satisfying our priorities of livelihood that we perform rituals.
    I have always emphasised that we tend to be more ritualistic and repose more faith or superstition when ou stake is more. A totally poor person will not have any time for rituals, because he does not have anything to lose or anything at stake , as he is poor.

    It is true that we may not believe our own well wishers, but unquestioningly accept some other's advice. Sometimes ego cause this too.

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    My appreciation to the author for raking up an important issue. Our religious rules and rituals are very much present to be learned and followed by the people. But in every home there is a atheist who would greatly influence the others not to follow the set principles and thus we are allowing our children to take their own decisions deviating from the path of observing something which was expressly mentioned in the religious manuals. And what I found that those who have acquired higher education are totally discarding our customs and tradition and even questioning as to why such practices be followed. Only God must give them the wisdom.
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    Many a time rituals are enforced to be followed by fear, fear that God would get angry, fear that elders would be unhappy or a fear that we would incur ill-luck. I think rituals should be taught with the meaning and benefits of it. Then many teenagers or youth would follow them.

    I have seen elderly people setting out for walking early in the morning, despite the cold and fog, later on, they are forced to visit doctors to seek relief. Some rituals or habits cannot be practised or changed easily unless people understand the reason to do it or not to do it.

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