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    Can one stand-up against their family to uphold justice?

    An upper caste girl in a South Indian state married a lower caste boy. The couple were attacked and the boy was murdered as part of an alleged honor killing.

    The girl suffered many injuries, survived, fought depression and even a suicide attempt. Later on, the girl, many times objected to bail petitions of her own parents. Few weeks back (13th Dec 2017) a special court awarded a double death penalty for six people involved in the killing and one of them is the girl's own father.

    In this sensational caste, the girl's actions have amazed many people. In this crusade to fight for justice for her dead husband, she had to stand up against her own parents and family. What a difficult dilemma for a young life to face, her love, her parents, her sadness and her sense of right and wrong.
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    What a tragedy? After his daughter marrying him, even her father never bothered for the life of his daughter and son in law. I think it is foolish to kill his own daughter's husband as he belongs to a different caste. Caste or creed is only when we have the life. But for the sake of those feelings, it is brutal to kill. We should appreciate the girl for standing against their own parents for justice. Many incidents of this nature I heard in our village. The incidents will happen particularly when a rich girl marries a poor boy.
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    The caste system has some deep roots in the mind of some people and they can go to any extent to protect their false ego. Unfortunately this trend is seen in many so called upper caste families and many unfortunate incidents happen day to day in our country.

    Increasing education in society is supposed to help to fight out this menace but that is also not happening as expected.

    These social blocks are a real hindrance in our progress and obstacle in the way to a liberal thinking.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Some times the situation warrants drastic step from anyone who want to get rid of the challenging and nagging problem. This is also on that line. In South most of the girls after getting married would certainly support the in laws house, no matter how bad they are and bad the husband would treat her.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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