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    The festivals losing their original flavour

    When I was a child in our village a festival means getting up very early from bed and having a head bath. After that wearing new clothes and paying salutations to all the elders in the house. After that going to the friends' house and spending the whole day happily. Special dishes in the lunch and guests to the house. This is how the festivals are celebrated and everybody used to enjoy the day. But these days the entire process has changed. A festival day is a holiday. So nobody prefers to get up early. After that switching on the TV or mobile and spending time on that as usual. So no enjoyment. Of course, very costly clothes will be purchased and a lot of specials will be brought from outside.. But there are no friends. No time pass with other members of the family. The whole day will pass like a normal holiday. Did you notice this? Do you agree?
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    Yes I agree with the author that the festivities has gone thin and with lesser enthusiasm. The reason being that we are most interested to be connected with near and dear ones through social media than having personal visits. Gone are the days when the girls used to get up early, have a splash of washing the house front with Cow dung mixed water and then spend much time on Rangoli and designs. The young girls would attire with half saree and would give best look. Now the girls are sporting with jeans and shirt and does want traditional dress for obvious reasons. By this trend , the younger generation may miss and forget our traditions completely.
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    Festivals today are just holidays neither people no their significance nor they give any attention to know about their significance. Children often don't even know what festival it is. It should be the duty of elders to make youngsters aware of their culture and heritage otherwise these things will also one day become extinct like dinosaurs and upcoming generation will just read about them in books.
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    The joy and happiness of the festival seasons are slowly getting subdued. The traditional preparations, practices and rituals are getting curtailed. Like for this Makara Shankranthi, everything is available readymade, including the sweets, pooja items, and the small gift sets, so nobody has to make anything at home. This takes away the joy and efforts put into getting things ready for the festival. Visiting elders or going to a temple is practiced by some, rest just while the time, watch a movie or go out like a Sunday day out. I think it is the changing times and changing priorities, we need some elders in each family to actively encourage at least some of the younger couples and families to continue the traditional festivities so that it doesn't loose it's relavance.

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