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    A worthy opponent enhances our own worthiness.

    In many aspects of life, we are always in a group with similar goals and targets but limited rewards or prizes.

    If a rank holder in a class is a good-natured student, he or she would be imitated by a handful of other students and they would certainly perform better than before. If an athlete who is the anchor of a team and also becomes a match-winner, other try to emulate him or her and naturally improve their performance also.

    An honest vegetable vendor who is popular in the market to whom people always flock to would inspire other vendors also to reach his standards and indirectly improve their image too. This can be similarly applied in an office, in politics, between industries and even nations.

    But if the opponent is unworthy, then they would or would have resorted to unfair means to stay in the picture. At such times, it is better to back off rather than trying to imitate an unworthy opponent because we may also become unworthy.
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    In competition there should be even fight between the performers . If the opponent is weak, and the other person is strong , that is not a level field . That is why when Lord Rama confronted with Ravana for the first time in the Lanka war , Lord Rama pardoned him and said " Indru Poi Nalaiva" that means get lost today and come back tomorrow. This is the indication in history that the fights should be with equal persons and equal stature. One should not fight with those who does not have any arms and like wise one should not fight with a person who is younger to the others. Level fight is important.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is a saying in telugu which means it is better to have a intelligent opponent than a foolish friend. If our opponent is strong in his field we have to be alert always and always we should keep our axe polished. Otherwise we will lose the battle. If the opponent is foolish we will neglect and we will not be on our toes always. If the opponent is intelligent he will try to be alert always and tries to see to go above you. This will keep you always alert and it will be like a chess game between to strong players. But if the opponent is not worthy it will become oneside game and no enthusiasm in it. So go for a worthy opponent and be worthy.
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    Ye,s a good competition and competitor always enhances our capability and dimensions of thinking, We tend to think in a better way seeing a good and down to earth competitor we tend to admire him and try to acquire his/her qualities inside us also. No one feels jealous of such a competitor but instead, try to become like him/her. For me, my brother has been always one good competitor I admire his qualities and try to acquire them too.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Yes, healthy competition brings out the best in us .It helps us to draw our latent capabilities and put up best efforts. Naturally we become sharp in sensing and observing our competitor's plus points and our own lacking . This will help us to improve and update .

    To sharpen a knife we have to grind it on a rough surface only. Similarly competition helps us to sharpen ourselves. If the competitor's plus point is good and positive, we also will follow that and improve on that. However if the competitor thrives on unethical and negative ways, however ethical we are, sometimes just to be on business, we may be compelled to compromise.

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    A statement very true. A good and healthy rivalry is a catalyst towards success.

    Rivals could be anyone. Anyone with whom you compare yourselves with. Now that you've considered that person your equal and you both combat in your field.
    If he turns out to be good your self respect get a hurt and it urges you to be more competent.

    This competence will eventually lead you to success, if not adds a little value to you.

    This even holds good with animals.
    Animals only try to remain healthy in presence of rivals and enemies.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Nice replies
    @Neelam: a good comparsion sibling rivalry is very common when kids grow up but using thinking them of a competitor in a healthy manner is a very way of improving ourselves.
    @Venkiteswaran sir: you have caught the meaning of the last paragraph, often many of us, find that our competitors are unscrupulous and resort to unethical or even illegal means to fight us. Initially, we try to hold on but sadly to survive we may be forced to change our views.
    @Aditya, excellent point, animals ( male elephants, lions, komodo dragons) fight only when the opponent is worthy

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