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    Speaking against Hinduism proves you an intellectual and secular

    There is a trend these days if you are an intellectual you tend to say things against Hinduism or call its rituals old and obsolete. And if you just follow your religion and consider it good and share its merits you are a nonsecular person. What kind of thinking is that?
    We often hear debates about intolerance but not letting a Hindu talk about Hinduism isn't it also a kind of intolerance. If freedom of speech and religion is their then why everybody expects the kind of intellectualism from Hindus only. Even if a person is not saying anything wrong just sharing good things and merits about his/her religion does this makes him/her non-secular or less knowledgeable?
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    Nice topic initiated by the author and it needs guts to answer this too. Hinduism has become puppet in the hands of many as we are the most sober lots in the world. Though our population is more, we seldom have that vengeance type of anger as present in other religion which would burst out when something is said against them or religion. The main cause of our setback is that even the religious heads and pontiffs chose to stay calm and cool when the other persons and organisation are having virtual ride on our pride and prestige and they wont utter any dissent order. The other day DMK MP Kanimozhi chose to talk bad about Tirumala Venkateshwara God and even TTD which manages the temple was mum and not condemned. If we keep on maintaining silence, one day would come when Hinduism would be buried for ever.
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    Hindu religion is the majority religion in India. The other religion people are less when compared to Hindus. Hindus are not united any time. Added to this the vote bank politics in the country are trying to get the votes of other religions by supporting them. Any person is talking against Hinduism is the real secular and if Hindus talk about other religion they are intolerant. This is the order of the day.
    Hindu temples income can be used for any project and the government is having full rights on that money but the money belongs to other religious worship places can't be touched. But no Hindu should talk about this. If we talk again we are intolerant.
    As expressed by the author Hindus can't talk good about their religion and they can't discuss the religion. This trend started increasing for the last 4 years.

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    I congratulate the author for starting a very bold topic. Healthy discussions can always be carried out. We as Hindus are always very moderate compared to other religions in our outlook, our faith in the religion and are most tolerant. We have space in our mind to consider good points from other religions. This tolerance is being exploited in our country by so-called secular politicians for the minority vote banks. Hence when someone supports majority community he becomes communal but if someone supports minorities it becomes secular. Even Bollywood films are made on old Hindu traditions and characters and sometimes they are misrepresented. But I think very few such films are made on other religions out of fear of backlash from them.

    Minorities can unite and vote for a single part if needed but Hindus being very large in number and moderate in their thinking can seldom do that.

    Not all Hindus are so much bound to their culture and religion as compared to other religions. We tend to adopt other cultures very easily. While this is not the case with other religions. They are very ardent followers of their religion and never compromise on it and hence they are not as tolerant as us. This makes Hindus being taken advantage of.

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    If I go with the thread title, Yes, there are some intelligent people and Hindu haters we have around who thinks like this. Not only that, they try to justify and able to prove that the person who talk for Hinduism, is the "enemy" of some particular community in India. However, I doubt if they are so open in outside in their daily life than in showing their saint face in open forum.

    I won't say that Hinduism is better or the best in the world because every religion taught us the same we must respect others feeling too about their religion. However, I can proudly say that there is no terrorist group associating Hinduism and a threat to this world. At least this should be accepted by these so called secular groups.

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    A great thread that should have as many replies as we can. Hinduism has got sidetracked because of the changing landscape in our cities and towns. We are so tolerant that we are taken for granted, we are so accommodative and fair-minded that we still harbor anti-nationals, when some countries would have got rid of them long back. Some of our politicians have even more open-minded that for the sake of vote bank politics they indirectly encourage Hindus to adopt a soft stance.
    All these make people frown upon someone who openly encourages or highlights the good teachings of Hinduism. I think we should ask the questions along the lines of my old thread Are you too good for your own downfall.

    As we are tolerant of other religions, we should also allow Hinduism also to grow, to be more proactive and more assertive.All this can be and should be done without being a fanatic and harming another fellow human being. We should encourage our traditions and rituals and also make our stance clear that we are tolerant but would not be a pushover.

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    Secularism, word is not coming from any religion. It has a separate diction that it have. So, whatever told by Hindu people that we could not say about them are secular and intelligent because any one could not relate to any religion by birth. So, there is no meaning to secular or non secular. I mean that only humanism there which is proved in case of Mother Teresa. Finally, I accept that intelligence is independent from all sorts of religious scriptures. According to mentality of a person, he choose in which he has to continue.

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    An excellent thread raised by Ms. Neelam. I strongly recommend enhanced points credit and cash credit to this thread. First of all, Hinduism is not a regimented religion like Abrahamic religions. It tries to reach God in different ways. As a result, Hinduism doesn't blame/ridicule other who want to reach God in other ways. Hinduism accepts all religious books with respect, even if those books openly decry polytheism.

    Some so-called intellectuals feel that the easiest path to become liberal, secular and intellectual to decry the practices of Hinduism. As a result, they decry celebration of Diwali by lighting and bursting crackers but remain silent about abhorrent practices of other faiths. Some wax eloquent about those abhorrent practices. They hurt religious sentiments of Hindus in the name of freedom of expression. The so-called beef festivals and painting of objectionable figures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses can be cited as examples.

    Time has come to strongly object these liberals and intellectuals. They must know that they no longer get away with insulting Hinduism.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Hinduism survived against all odds from the good olden days and would continue to flourish with its glory for ever. There is no necessity to display one's Hindu ideology every time for the sake of sycophancy to someone. I have born as a Hindu and continue my faith in it till my death. But I don't understand why I should prove it every time by criticizing some other religion to prove my allegiance to my own religion. I too accept that certain religious outfits are detrimental to our national integrity but branding the entire religion responsible for our communal disharmony and linking them with disruptive activities would not be fair. Unfortunately Indian politics are revolving round this element for political gains and all political parties are responsible for this. One party tries to gain by supporting the minority vote share while the other trying to fire the imagination to inculcate patriotism among the people by proving their religious ideology. A situation has now prevailed if you are not proving your religious faith, you would be branded as anti-national. Is it good in the interest of the nation or any individual? let us come out of this trauma and live as human beings to promote humanity.

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    "Hinduism survived against all odds from the good olden days and would continue to flourish with its glory for ever. There is no necessity to display one's Hindu ideology every time for the sake of sycophancy to someone."

    As an uncultured, uneducated mango-man of the country who is very much afraid of intellectuals and liberals, let me humbly submit one or two points:-

    (a) As far as I understand, the sphere of the importance of this great religion (I feel the greatest religion) has been diminishing. There is no sign of Hinduism in middle-east, Iran and in Afghanistan. The historians tell us there was presence of Hinduism and Buddhism in these countries even in the eleventh century. What is the reason? Genocide, forced conversion, rape, destruction of religious places and forced relocation are the reasons. The same can still be noticed in our neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh. Even in so-called moderate countries of Malaysia and Indonesia, this trend can be observed.
    Even within India, this trend can be observed in some districts of Assam (Dhubri for example), West Bengal (Murshidabad for example) and Kerala (Malappuram for example). So, the common saying that Hinduism continues to flourish is totally incorrect. The time has come to very strongly contest this theory. I can go into more details but am refraining myself from doing that.

    (b) Is talking about my religious belief for the sake of sycophancy? When others can preach the superiority of other religions, why can't I? I feel that this particular statement is an evidence of sycophancy.

    Coming to the main issue being discussed in this thread, I am very glad that young and educated people of the country have started understanding the hypocrisy and the injustice which have been meted out to the Hindus in the name of secularism during last sixty-seven years or so. They are now calling the bluff. They are not afraid to call a spade a spade. I do hope that the fearless young generation will take the country to the great height which it had achieved before the onset of dark medieval period and so-called modern period.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    "Hinduism survived against all odds from the good olden days ..."
    I am very much agreed with this view but one should also describe that how we had survived? The details is not provided. The reason for our survive is fighting against all odd. The reason to survive is fighting against so called secular political party who had taken the advantage of the softness of Hinduism. Now, the same secular party president is doing "temple Run".

    If the talking about our religion is "sycophancy" than I would like to ask a question. What would you call it when some one tag you "enemy" of a particular section of people because you have spoken against one neighbouring country? Do our neighbouring country and some section of people in India are same? If not than why it trying to prove ?

    If I am glorifying my religion because it has to be glorify, this is not my fault if other religion is not up to my religion. And if it is , let them glorify it too, we have no problem at all. it is the truth which does not get digest by so called secular people. Be unbiased and stop throwing your own way of thinking. Try not to justify people with your way of thinking. If these all will done, everything will look great.

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    Speaking against any religion does not prove you an intellectual or secular. When you critically analyse and scientifically arrange the facts and figures regarding any religion will make you an intellectual. This can be done without criticising and calling names to the particular religion. There are so many Hindu intellectuals who tried to explore science and humanity rather than the dogmatic part of the religion. I would like to mention the names of Vivekanand and Manu Rishis. Vivekanand always tried to bring forth the scientific and intellectual part of Hindu philosophy. Manus gave a code of conduct. If we read Manu Smriti, we see a code of conduct. Code of conduct changes with time and situations. When we follow some thing as a dogma, it becomes a ritual and this becomes cumbersome.

    Intellectuals and reformers try to eliminate the dogmatic part of the religion. The problem with most of us is that we do not study religion. One who knows his religion is good to other religions also. He knows that the philosophy of his religion is not only the true philosophy. He becomes a true secular.

    I do not agree that a person who speaks of good things/ merits about Hindu religion is called as non-secular or less knowledgeable. I call such person as Pundit.


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