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    Should we have a unified citizen card?

    Today we are having a number of cards right from our ration card to Aadhaar card.

    These cards are used for various purposes. If you want to cast your vote you use your Voters card. If you are doing a financial transaction like submitting income tax return then you require PAN card.

    Now Aadhaar card is being used for making your passport and driving license.

    Many people are not happy with so many cards as we have to manage them, keep them safely and run for their updating in case of change of address.

    Presently there is no card which shows our citizenship or domicile status so it becomes difficult to distinguish between a permanent citizen and one who has come as a refugee from a nearby country.

    Do you feel that we should have a unified card which can replace all earlier cards and become a single card not only identifying a person but also providing him access to all other things which are being managed through PAN or Aadhaar card today?
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    For all practical purposes if we have a unique identity card it will be the best system. Then there will not be any problem of linking one card with another card. You can use the same card for opening a bank account, for casting your vote, for applying for a passport and for income declaration and tax paying. That means for all practical purposes this card will act as a universal card. The government can think of adding driving licence also in the same card by some column in the card so that there is no necessity of carrying so many cards and so many procedures for each card and again linking with each other.
    The Government should think in those lines and design a system wherein the total information about the person will be available and will be useful to prove your identity. It is a nice idea and governemnt should give a thought to it.

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    It is wonderful idea that all needs of a person linked to one card which used for any purpose from provisions to passport. I think that aadhar may replace the place of unified card. Recently, government of India determined that every financial and emergency services are to be linked with aadhar up to March 31, 2018. This date is decided from postponement of December31, 2017. Mainly, all national banks decided to stop the operations in bank accounts of customers if they will not link their aadhar, PAN and mobile number up to March31, 2018. It is applicable to mobile networks also. I think that it is enough for a citizen to identify himself as a citizen of India.

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    Having a single card is like putting all eggs in one basket. Although it may sound harsh, most of us, at least the people whom I see regularly do not have a high degree of awareness of security related to credit cards and ID proofs. I have seen people giving pin numbers to staff to enter at some terminals. To me, if something is easy for us to use, automatically means that it would be equally easy for criminals to misuse too. We have seen with the LPG subsidy racket, credit card scam. Identity theft or fraud is something we are very vulnerable to. We just had a UIDIA data leak story. I think we should have a seperate card for bank transactions, voting and online transactions etc so that our identity should be compartmentalized and secure. If there is a breach then it would at least be contained.

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    The Union government is already having this idea in its policy and want to implement sooner or later. But in states like WB and Kerala there seems to reluctance on the part of government to have Aadhaar as the base for many document and they are averse to give any personal details linking Aadhaar to various services. If the author suggestion goes with the policy decision of the government , sooner with Aadhaar we can draw money from bank, pay to the bills, have and groceries and other items through Aadhaar as debit card. This is going to happen before the Modi government finish the term.
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    I had suggested that a new born child should be issued with an identification number derived from his/father's number. Ration card is for a whole family. Voters card is for the person eligible to vote. Pan card is for the people who earn. But Aadhaar card is an Unique Identity Card. So, Aadhaar card should be known as citizen card, and should be used for all purposes.

    The number should be easily decoded for identification. A card number should tell about the person's state - District - taluk- village/area - Street - house number, and the number of family member.

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