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    " A prejudiced mind remains shut to the truth."

    The mind generally gets entangled with a particular thought process in certain matters. Once the mind gets entangled, it becomes prejudiced. A prejudiced mind cannot see the reason, truth or the reality as it is. It sticks to its own thought process. The truth or the reality is shut out of its mind. If the mind is not prejudiced, it opens up to the truth and reality. It can see the matters in a totally different perspective. Prejudice causes individuals not to accept the good the others might be advocating.The way to spirituality is easy once we shed our prejudices.
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    It is a fact. If we are going with preconceived mind nobody can change the mindset. They go on thinking the same lines and ignore the other logical points even though they sense it. It is very very common. It may be called as Prejudice. If we come to an understanding on a particular subject by thinking in our own way, even other thoughts are acceptable we can't go for it.
    But when you see an issue as a single issue without thinking of other incidents and with an open mind we may be able to get an unbiased understanding of the issue.
    So it is better always to think and comment on any issue with an open mind without conse=idering our affiliations or mindsets.

    always confident

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    I agree with the author completely that a person with a prejudiced mind never tries to understand the point any other person is making he will always have an already made idea about whatever is being said and this is the biggest hinderance in his gaining knowledge.
    I had few incidents which are my own experience whenever I had a preconceived idea about certain things it always hindered my knowledge and the chances to understand new concept so Now I listen to every thing with an open mind without such preconceived notion and got to know many more new things which I would never have been able to which such thinking.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    People from all around the world have different attitude and opinion. Some may say the glass is half filled but some may say the glass is half empty. It is our experience with the world, we act or behave or have certain opinion on something which may look just opposite to another person. We often talk about other's behaviour which for us may look incorrect but not for the person who has experienced such a way. So, it is better to us to refrain ourselves to show better than others. If you have your way of thinking, why not you allow others to have his own way of thinking?

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    It is very true. The optimist who is full of hope feels happy that the glass is half full. The pessimist, who is a loser, feels the glass is half empty. That is the irony of life.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Yes, very true. The prejudiced mind never sees the positive development around us. It tries to find negativity everywhere even if there is none. We get ample proof of this phenomenon nowadays.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    So Mr. KVRR, what do you want to prove with this thread, are you optimist ? If this is what make you happy, so be it! I think you should not bothered about others but you, if this thinking start coming into you, the world you look will look more brighter.

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    The thread is based on the discourse of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation, Coimbatore. Sadhguru is a learned person who traveled worldwide promoting Yoga and spirituality. He was awarded "PadmaVibhushan" by the Government of India in 2017. If you have any doubts about this topic, he is the proper person to answer.

    I am not trying to prove anything. What makes you think that I am bothered about others? I have better things to do than bother about others. Let us continue to enjoy in this forum by exchange of ideas without getting personal.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Sadguru Vasudev is also a human and not GOD, he too talk from his own experience and knowledge. Instead of hiding behind some saint, we should say that it is our opinion, it is our thoughts. We should allow others too to let his/her thoughts come out. The life is not only "my way is highway".

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    That is the bad habit probably every one was having. We go through the process of thinking and get struck up at one point which may be right or wrong. Our mind wont allow to think beyond that point and thus we are blamed for no action or late action by others. What we think that we have enough experience to control ourselves and what the mind has decided has to be done and go with. But seldom we tend to gauge that even the mind can play against the time to which we deserve and thus loose the chance of being recognised with a whisker. Such thinking process should be avoided.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent thread by the author bringing out the fact that if we are already having a preconceived idea about a thing our mind does not accept the reality.

    It happens many times with some people that they perceive something and become very adamant in understanding anything which is not matching their perception. If this condition deteriorates it may create mental disillusion and other problems in an individual.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is very easy to get prejudiced and very difficult to get out of it. It takes a few unpleasant events an individual's life related to a prejudiced perception or decision to get over this. It is like the mind being cloaked by an invisible layer that prevents us from seeing the good things or the bad things associated with a particular person, place or event.

    Being prejudiced doesn't occur overnight, it is over a period of time-based on our upbringing and teachings we learn about few things in life. Based on this we have a preconceived idea that is wrong. Hence whatever we do relate the particular subject is viewed with a wrong preconceived idea and it's no surprise that our decision is also wrong.

    Having an open mind that allows thoughts, points, counterpoint to get it allows us to make a rational and often correct decision.

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