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    Death is inevitable but do we actually like to die?

    Death is inevitable and we all know that we will have to leave this world one day. But, I don't think any of us would actually want to die (even those who commit suicide do not so because they wish to die). To live for a few more days/ at least moments is always there at the back of our mind.

    We keep hearing people, especially the old and the terminally ill, saying that they have had enough and would like to be embraced by death at the earliest. But, if my observation is correct, the desire to live longer is always there with us. I am not saying it as a negative trait or something but I think it has got something to do with how we value our lives. There is no end to our dreams and aspirations. I have seen many old people saying that they won't mind if death comes to them once their children are settled, then they go to the higher levels like seeing their grandchildren going to school, college, getting married, having children and so on. Similar is the case with many other situations.

    What I mean to say is that we all love our life, whether we are happy, sad, enjoying or suffering; we all want to live longer. This is just an observation which, though subject to exceptions, I feel, is true. What do you think?
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    Everybody wants to live to the maximum extent possible. They feel that they will have good experiences in the coming days. A person on the deathbed also thinks it will be better if he can live for some more time. But it is a fact that none of us can extend or decrease our lifespan. It is the time given to you and you have to live to that extent. There are no maximum and minimum figures in this. No range. Only absolute figure only,
    But we see very rarely people who don't have any wish of living but they will not terminate the life by themselves. They go on praying the God.
    But once our productive life is over, many may not be with us as they will have to enjoy their life and we may have to feel lonely. Those days we may get some thoughts of the death. But it is momentary only. Again we will be back to normal.

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    This is just a truth but a negative thought. Why should anyone wants to die? And why in the first place such thought comes? A human when he/she is in danger of life, will do the best to fight against it. It is just like our reflex action, without involving the brain, our body will move into safer place. I would certainly not die until and unless the time will come to say goodbye.

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    Everybody knows death is inevitable. Everyone wants to complete his/her duties before death. And the duties are never completely completed. So, very few actually want to die. Even if a person reaches eighty and above, he/she thinks that some work is still pending. So......
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    It is true that people like to live as much as possible.
    There is a news item a few days back that an old couple of Mumbai wrote to the President of India for permission to themselves for active euthanasia. The elderly couple aged 86 and 79 wrote to the President that they do not have any children and health problems also. They do not want to be a burden to themselves or the others if they become ill.

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    What you told holds good for many people and all beasts? Anyone with right mind and mentality would never choose death over life.
    But there are few cases. A case called 'Snap' where you immediately, involuntarily participate in a suicide or a murdur. It happens due to extreme anxiety.
    Other, a rather common case, Nihilism.

    I'm a nihlist too. Nihilism advocates shunning of all material pleasures and aspects of life.
    Nihlists are extremely spiritual.

    They are ready to die any moment ahead. But nihlists don't put their life voluntarily in danger.
    I can't say the same for thousands of hermits in Himalayas and hundreds of old men and women starving themselves in Kasi.

    I seriously hate those babas who underwent Samadhi alive. Calling a suicide a spiritual act is the most ridiculous thing ever.
    They could have spread out their knowledge to the world, but no, they decide to kill themselves in brutal ways such as being burnt, drowned or buried alive.

    Humans are sick in mind. You'll never know when someone is just bored or fed up with life.

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    I think the key about the examples listed in the thread is that at such times we are willing to give up the most precious gift(life) and accept the ultimate(death). Elders mentioning that they don't mind dying truly means that they have done what they needed to do in their lives and are now ready to give up something that they cherished.

    In simple terms, the relative value of life for a young parent heading a family is far more than an elderly grand-parent who has fulfilled the duties as expected the family and society.

    We all know when we arrive and know that we would leave, only the date is not known to us. Few people would be bold enough to give their lives without fear for defending a fellow human and the motherland. Rest of us, even though we speak about death, we would want to live.

    We should aim to live life as if it were to get over soon. This would mean, fulfilling our tasks, taking care that family needs are arranged, being a good human being, forgiving and stop bothering about minor issues etc.

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    Natarajan, I am talking about the value one gives to his own life. Our desire to live more is always, I feel, inherent in us. If we are to take relative value or the value of one's life from the viewpoint of another, we may be in for surprises; given the present status of human relationships.
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    One thing is sure that every one of us want to live for more years and with good health. But our living in the world is predetermined and it cannot be decreased or extended. And what I have seen that those who plan much for the life and envisage greater provisions for future life would leave this world in huff and those who does not have money and does not have the people to look after shall prolong the life with illness for no reason. What I want that the death should be sudden and even not known to the self. In that case we would avoiding the ordeal which would be faced by the self and others .
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    By default no living thing will want to die. There will be only thought of survival only.
    Humans take medicine whenever they are not well.They keep themselves protected from adverse weather conditions. Yes, from the incidents of suicide we can deduct that at some weak moment people take recourse to the extreme step of killing themselves. God forbid such happenings.
    Even when saying that one is exhausted and want to die, they will be yearning for some way to survive and be happy only. It is the physical and mental trauma which makes them feel that death may be a deliverance of all their trauma. That is another way of trying a survival of the situation.

    At least let those who read this thread do not keep such a negative thought anytime during their life. Let everyone be positive and happy always.

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    No, nobody wants to die. We all know that death is inevitable, but we all want to live as long as we can.
    As a joke we keep saying, life is short, live it well. But as soon as we keep approaching the next ages from childhood to youngster and then to adults and soon towards the old age. We get to realize the worth of everything. We know death is the reality of a human life.
    It is just we all are living to our best and enjoying because as we all know death can approach us anytime. But deep inside, everyone thinks of living longer and happier and enjoy to the fullest. That is how life is.

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    In Spiritual Science they are telling one human should ready for death as it is inevitable and unforeseen. This human birth is a gift to us to elevate ourselves to the Paramatma whereas we are called as atma, a small particle of Him. This can be done through a Guru and we should practice our Meditation which is practically made us to die for a period of time. The study is well explained in the marg 'Radhasoamy Satsang Beas'. We can read the book for further clarification in this connection and one can collect information in this regard and path through the website

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    I am reminded of a song, I like. It is a very old song sung by a Country singer, named Loretta Lynn and it is called 'Everybody wants to go to heaven'.

    A line in the song goes thus –

    "Everybody wants to go to heaven
    But nobody wants to die."

    And then there is another -

    "Lord, I wanna go to heaven
    But I don't wanna die."

    It is true of all of us. We all want our final destination to be heaven, but none of us wants to die. We know that death is preordained, yet we don't harbour the thought of death.

    It is because we like to live in the present. We are attached to everything that life gives us and want to hold on to dear life, so we can enjoy every bit of it. We fear losing it all. We also fear death because no one knows what death really is. It is the fear of the unknown.

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