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    Chemical Insecticides and Pesticides, Poison to the farmer.

    These days farmers are using various kinds of insecticides and pesticides for avoiding their crops being spoiled by various diseases and insects. But in that pursuit, they are not even caring for their lives and not talking minimum safety precautions during application. These death are increasing year to year. Added to these cheap quality materials which are adding to their owes. The Governments are not showing any interest and not taking any corrective actions. Many NGOs are taking up the issue and trying to educate the farmers. The government should act on this seriously and see that inferior quality material will be released in the market.
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    Not only to farmers but also ultimate consumers. In early days they cook rice in open vessel/pot, though the chemical usage in cultivation was very minimum. Now every person knows well about cultivation with chemicals but cooking the rice in pressure cooker by pressurizing the chemicals along with rice and eating through which inviting many diseases. As we cannot prevent the unknown cultivators why don't take preventive steps while cooking?

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    We have no stringent regulations that are implemented be it for the producer or the consumer. The farmer like any business wants to keep his produce healthy and hence better yield and profits. In this bargain, he does not realise the excessive use of the insecticides and pesticides that not only harm us but also harms him.
    If you look closely, even the sale of pesticide would not be regulated in the area of cultivation, crop etc. Again here the retailers in this business want to have good sales and profit, hence no questions asked.
    Can the government implement strict guidelines, yes but where is the money and resources to strengthen this supervision process that would lead to less use of pesticides.
    It is like a chain of errors that have led to indiscriminate overuse of these chemicals that harm everyone in the food chain, right from the farmers to the end consumers.

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    It is the plight that most of the farmers are being lured by gullible companies who are producing chemicals and pesticides with the promise of bumper crop and good yield and what happens in the end is the worst result and the farmer has to take drastic steps. And in the name of early growth of the produce the farmers are forced to do away their old techniques and thus sooner or later they are made to rely more on short cut methods and many farmers are falling pray to this tactics. What I perceive a greater danger that our farmers are being shown the moon on the palm and the government is not taking action to strengthen the agriculture advise and the village administrators are not doing their home work properly to educate the farmers. Gone are the days when the farmers used to follow All India Radio and Doordarshan for good crop, Now they are heavily depending on companies which they fool them regularly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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