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    Does the first impression of teacher influences how a student understands concept?

    We all have studied from our teachers at some point in our life and have varied opinions about teachers. We admire some teachers very much whereas criticise some it's all because the way we understand what they taught.
    And our opinion of any teachers build up after months and years of studying together but as the heading of this thread says does the first impression of teacher influences our understanding in his/her class and we carry on that impression for a long time. Even when the teacher is teaching very well but his first impression wasn't good in his/her first class it keeps going on the back of the mind of the students and hinder his/her understanding
    For me yes the first impression does influence a student's understanding to some extent but with time it this influence changes because of the ways the teacher teaches. What is your opinion about the heading of the thread? Have you observed this thing in your life too?
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    The first impression is the best impression. The impression which a teacher makes on the students plays a bigger role in the teaching-learning process. Some teachers with their ability to mingle and vibe in the same frequency as the students prove to be more effective. Any amount of knowledge the teacher may possess may not make him an effective teacher unless he makes a good impression. As rightly pointed out by the author, the impressions may change with time.
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    The first impression is the best impression, is true always. An impression of a teacher about a student will depend on his first interaction. In your first interaction with a teacher if you are able to farewell definitely he will make a positive impression on you and will be lost long. Same is the case with the students also. In his first class, if the student is impressed by his teaching, he will always have a positive opinion about his teacher. Afterwards, even if he is not performing well also, the opinion changing will be difficult.
    Some teachers while they teach to the students, they will keep the level of students in mind and come down to their level and teach. All appreciate his work. Some teachers will not come down from his own knowledge level. In such case, many people may not be able to catch him up and they will not develop an understanding of the teachings. Such teachers may not be liked much by the students.

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    I would disagree with the title. As far as students and their first impression of teachers go, it would often be off the mark. Many students are apprehensive if their regular teacher is on leave or a substitute teacher comes in for a hour. A new teacher is assess and observed by students often with skepticism and a bias. Many students would have an inner marking scale of how good a teacher should be based on their favorite teacher and start forming their opinion. The look at how the teacher is, their ability to teach, are they very strict/rude, do they shout, how much of homework is given etc.
    Hence, the first impression of the teacher is biased or not very good. It takes time for students to grasp the method and mannerisms with which a teacher teaches and this is bound to change after a few classes or weeks. There would be some exceptions but by and large the first impression re-shaped after a few more interactions influences the students to understand the concept/subjects.

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    What I have observed in life that those teachers who are very playful, joyful, crack jokes in between also inquire about personal matters of every students are most liked and adorned. One of my teacher on her first period she never took the class and instead spent the whole period in understanding each one of us by name, our hobbies, our liking to any thing in life and and best friends. All these made the students very interesting as they also came to know about others in a informal way. From next day, the attendance was full, there was no inattentiveness, all the students were noting her teachings and thus there was inclusive performance from all. To be best of my knowledge no student has ever failed in her class and she wont allow any student to lag behind. Such was the attitude of her and even if she was absent for one day, we miss her a lot.
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    Yes I completely agree. The first impression of the teacher fatally decides whether the student is to attend further classes or not.
    If a teacher is harsh to a particular student in their first meeting the student would naturally want to dodge that teacher and the class.

    A very few people possess the talent of reversing their first impression effect.

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    The first impression of a teacher will not, in my opinion, influence how a student understands the lessons. The first impression does have its place in a teacher-student relationship too as it is with any other relation or acquaintance. But to say that it would influence the way a student understands the lessons taught by that teacher would be stretching things too far because such impression is just momentary (and does not take very long to change as suggested by the author) and is primarily based on the appearance and demeanor of the teacher. How would it be if a teacher assesses his students by the first impression they have created in him?

    While I agree that there are some teachers who cannot convey their thoughts properly to the understanding of the students, I don't think the first impression has got anything to do with it. In addition to the teacher's professional caliber, understanding a subject by a student also depends on his interest in the subject, whether he is attentive in class and whether he shows the enthusiasm to perform better.

    The appearance, body language, behavior, nature and so many factors do influence the way a student feels about a teacher but the most important, I feel, as far as a good teacher and a good student is concerned should be the way he explains the subject to you and the interest you exhibit and express in comprehending the same.

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