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    ShalomNamaste Mrs. & Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

    The Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu along with his wife has started his official visit to India. After a long gap of 15 years, he has become the second Israeli Prime Minister to visit India. The previous official visit was during the tenure of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, another BJP Prime Minister.

    Throughout the ages, India has welcomed the Jews to settle in India. Even now, some Jewish families are living in India very peacefully in Kochi, Mumbai and perhaps in Mizoram. The biggest Synagogue in India is at Kochi.

    Despite India's various anti-Israeli and pro-Arab stance due to Nehruvian foreign policy, Israel never acted against the interest of India. Despite minimum diplomatic relationship, Israel has helped India on many occasions, either directly and indirectly.

    Due to the strong and decisive leadership of India's present Prime Minister, a new era has begun in Indo-Israeli friendship. I expect that the friendship will mutually benefit both countries in different areas including defence matters and anti-terrorism operations.

    So, we must say to Mrs. & Mr. Netanyahu: "ShalomNamaste".
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    Update: When the dignitaries of both Governments were busy signing MoUs (total nine MoUs signed), JNU thugs, Naxals, Maoists, supporters of Jihadis, NGO representatives and other anti-nationals were protesting against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Do they want better days for the country?
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    United States' Jerusalem move generated shockwaves across the world with violent protest erupting in the Middle East and a wave of criticism against Washington.
    India along with 127 other countries joined a UN General Assembly call for the Trump administration to drop its decision on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    Now,Mr Netanyahu in India saying- Our relation with India is much stronger than one vote!
    Prime Minister Modi is treading cautiously. In New Delhi and Kargil, protesters are shouting anti- Israeli slogans.
    Let us hope, deals with Israel on cybersecurity, energy and space cooperation will be fruitful

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    Recently, India voted against against Israel in the UN. There was no compulsion for the present government to vote against Israel. India could have voted in favour. Anyway, The opposition to the proposal by the US in favour of Israel has been reflected in the voting majority. This also proves mettle of foreign policy of India. The warmth in India-Israel relationship has been publisised and shown out of proportion during periods of BJP rule owing to obvious reasons. The anti-islamic perspective is the post important thing. The only thing that BJP led governments could not do was open support to Israel on international forum.

    Israel also wants to come closer to India, since India is a non-islamic country. Israel has been trying to come closer to India since she was the first country to recognise Bangladesh after India-Pakistan war. The congress led government under Rajiv Gandhi showed interest in relations with Israel openly the first time. Now we have a full-fledged diplomatic relations with Israel.

    There is a commercial angle to these relations also. India is the sole purchaser of military goods and equipments from Israel. I do not find any win-win relationship with Israel. There has been opposition of visiting leaders in other countries also. The present government has a typical tendency of calling all oppositions to its narrative anti- national.

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    ''The present government has a typical tendency of calling all oppositions to its narrative anti- national.''

    1. The opinion expressed by me in this thread is my personal opinion, not the opinion of the Government.

    2. If those who shout ''Bharat tere tukre honge, Insha-Allah'' are not anti-national, who can be termed as anti-national? If those who play holi to celebrate the death of soldiers and para-military personnel, then who are anti-national elements?

    3. Perhaps a new definition of anti-nationals is coming very soon!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Why so much media hype for India –Israel relations? I understand, we have very good relations with Israel since many decades. We are keeping these relations low in international forum due to Palestinian issue. Why anti-islamic stand appearing here? Even Saudi Arabia is having good relations with Israel.

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    I feel there is not so much media 'hype' about the Indo-Israeli bilateral relationship. I have today's Times of India in front of me. The discussion between the two top leaders is at the front page, but it is at number 4 position as per the order of importance.

    "I understand, we have very good relations with Israel since many decades.'-This statement is factually incorrect.

    "Why anti-islamic stand appearing here?"-Where is the anti-Islamic stand in this thread?

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    #623121: I have only stated that for mutual benefit, we must strengthen the Indo-Israeli relationship and I welcomed Mrs and Mr Benjamin Netanyahu in India. Where is the so-called 'anti-Islamic stance' in this thread? I am really astonished!

    'To my knowledge, our satellites used to guide their missiles in their war against aggression. '------What does it mean?

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    India and Israel relations or improving now. Even though we have good relations with them for long, now the present governemnt is getting the support of Israel. This is the second visit of Israel Prime Minister to Israel, first time being in the period of Atal. Hope this visit will be fruitful and we will get the continuous support of that country in the coming years.
    always confident

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    India has always had good relations with Israel. Diplomatic ties may have been delayed due to various reasons including our relations with the Arab world as well as the interests of the number of Indians working in the middle-east, our stand on Palestine and so many related factors. But otherwise, there was never a bad phase in our relation. India is the largest buyer of military equipment from Israel and is one of the largest trade partners of that country. So, there is nothing new about the Indo-Israel relations. We might be witnessing some changes due to the shift in our relations with our neighbors and also the change in the employment policy in some countries of the middle-east in addition to the presumed change in our secular attitude.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Wow! If India develops/maintains a good relationship with the only Jewish country in the world, i.e., Israel, that signifies ' presumed change in our secular attitude'. The cat is finally out of the bag!
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    Indo-Israel relationships have been on middle ground (a bit cautious) and not to the extremes as far as I'm aware. Now it seems that we are entering a phase of closer co-operation or a more friendly interaction between two leaders.
    I think, the strength of Israel in missile and surveillance technology makes it a good exporter and India with it's growing might may be seen or viewed as a potential client for this military technology/warfare related trade. We had a discussion on ISC forum about Israel's water plants. So trade and India's changing status in the globe would be a strong reason for better ties.
    I hope this does not club India and Israel into a similar solution package for their problems with Kashmir and Palestine respectively. We should be cautious in balancing our support with Israel.

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    Partha, please do not twist my words. I am sorry if I could not be clear in putting across or you could not assimilate that by 'the presumed shift in our secular attitude' I meant the pro-Hindutva propaganda and not otherwise as you tried to put it. Anyways, leave it.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    How can I twist others words, when I exactly quote those words? Don't understand! Anyway, leave it.
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    "Swagat hai mere dost! Why did it take so long? We have been waiting for you for 70 years," The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Narendra Modi when the Indian Prime Minister visited Israel in July 2017. Benjamin Netanyahu was right. It took 70 years after Independence for an Indian prime minister to set foot on the sacred land of Israel, and 25 years after India became the last major country to establish full diplomatic ties with that country in 1992.

    On their part, Israelis have always shown enormous interest in Indo-Israeli relationship.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Geopolitical alliances are often developed in the guise to enhance trade or seek an ally for future use. I think we should be a little wary of an over-friendly nation or be cautious before over-blowing all is rosy kind of alliances. To me, trade and a partner with similar issues look like the key to this newly founded friendship. I'm not negative about this but let's see how it progresses. We have traditionally bought arms from Russia, now we have reached out Israel, I hope there would not be a mismatch of technologies leading to practical and administrative issues. Maybe someone with knowledge of our Military can add in or clarify my doubts?

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    A very logical doubt from Mr Natarajan. I like such questions. As far as I know, India has been gradually reducing its dependence on Russian defence technology and equipment since mid-nineties. Gradually India is depending more on the US, other (former) NATO countries and Israel on arms and ammunition. Israel basically uses and upgrades US military technology according to its own suitability. So, I think that the doubts raised by Mr Natarjan may not come true. Moreover, Israeli technology is being made available in other sectors like desert agriculture, desert irrigation, saline water treatment, non-conventional energy, etc.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Welcoming the Israeli Premier was a reciprocal gesture and we need not read too much in between the lines. The way in which they received our PM was marvellous and it's our turn now. It is a give and take policy just as we follow the same between to friendly families.

    It is true that Isreal was helpful when sanctions were imposed on India by US after Pokharan II and our country's strategic needs and related procurements were made from Israel and France. Slowly the big brother understood the value of friendship with us. The present Government undoubtedly made sincere effort successfully in isolating Pakistan and made the world identifying their sponsorship of terrorism. While the two visits i.e Modi's visit to Isreal and Benjimin's visit to India are important at their end too as India was affiliated to Palestine and their unresolved problems for more than six decades.


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    To me, trade and a partner with similar issues look like the key to this newly founded friendship.

    Posting this because, things have happened as I suspected. The spike missile deal worth 500 million dollars was cancelled a few weeks prior to the visit of Mr.Benjamin. This morning, I read in the newspapers that this huge deal on back on track and Israel would be selling these spike anti-tank missiles to India. So, friendship and trade go hand in hand or vice-versa.

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