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    From Autograph to Selfie the trend has changed so much

    Once the "autograph" of some celebrity meant so much to people or their fans. The huge crowd/fans used to run behind the celebrity having paper or pen in hand just to get an autograph. A piece of paper used to get valued like most expensive thing having signature of some celebrity. It was a sign or prove to meet the celebrity physically. Time changes and we came in the era of mobile camera. Now, you don't see people with paper of pen but competition to have Selfie with celebrity. The trend has changed and the prove of selfie is more valued than the autograph as far as meeting physically with a celebrity.

    Personally, I never liked to run for the autograph and I never did it though in my field more often I meet celebrities here. But, when I met India's well known drummer/percussionist recently, I could not hide myself to ask for a Selfie. He obliged to me and I had a selfie with him. I will now onwards try to collect as much as possible which may help me in future directly or indirectly.

    So, member, what would you say about Autograph vs Selfie.
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    Yes I can visualise the drastic trend of those who ran after the autographs of the celebrities and now the selfie mania. The other day I happened to come across the image of a girl having selfie with Congress President Rahul Gandhi. The moment could have been cloud 9 for the girl, but for the media it was the big news as the girl was totally cordoned by black cat commandos and she is striking a smiling pose and Rahul Gandhi was looking at her ecstasy of some rare achievement in her life. Likewise in those days people used to carry small pocket diary so that celebrities would pen their signature which would be kept as memento.
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    Technology is taking place in the relations also. Earlier days after our studies we used to go to the teacher and take his signature in an autograph book and we used to keep it as a memory to last long. I have such 3 or 4 autograph books with me. I collected these signatures during my graduation and post graduation. They contain the signatures of friends and teachers only.
    Slowly that trend has changed to the selfie. Take a selfie with everybody separately one with each one and store them on your camera and laptop. You can see whenever you want. Slowly it may grow into videos and voice messages storing may also come. This is the change taking place as the things are available easily to everyone. A change for good.

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    In some aspects things have changed and unchanged. Though autograph has become a selfie, the celebrity, the fan and the genuine enthusiasm and satisfaction has remained the same. Only the means have changed.

    It looks good to have a photograph of your favourite celebrity. In a few houses, I have seen pictures of people with politicians displayed prominently. Any such memorabilia worth depend on the ease of availability.

    Some like me would favour autographs. For instance, many collectors who treasure autographs of famous people and celebrities have their collection valued for high amounts. If you've had an autograph of Michael Jackson, it would be more worthy than a selfie.

    If I were you, I would still collect autographs of the celebrities and treasure it for its nostalgic value and hope that someone down the line sell it if there are not that interested in it.

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    Yes, times have changed a lot. Autographs have been majorly replaced by selfies.
    As we can see in so many reality shows, we saw Kapil Sharma used to take selfies with the celebrities who used to come to his show for their promotion of a movie. It has become the trend. I think it seems easier now to everyone than signing the autograph.
    Everyone will have a mobile phone but not every person will carry a pen with them nowadays. So, the easier option we all know. Mobile phones have combined all the major functionalities in it.

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    It is a fact that these days nobody posses an autograph. Earlier days, especially during the college going days, most of the students carried an autograph. This is taken out at the end of the course. First each student approach the teachers to get their comments and signature. After that the same is collected from the classmates. Each student write some interesting comments or quotations from great poets. Some draw pictures with a comment. This will be kept, if possible, throughout ones life.
    Now these auto graphs have disappeared and mobile cameras have come to occupy that space. Of course, we the 'oldies' do not go to take selfies. But some young people take their selfies with us, the aged guys.


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