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    Is belief in superstitions correct or not?

    We generally believe in superstitions. Coming to my experience, I have belief in left eye twitching and right eye twitching. Whenever my right eye is twitching, I have a positive belief of getting a financial benefit. On the other hand, when my left eye is twitching, I feel that some conflicts may arise between me and my wife or that some adverse things may happen. It frightens me very much.

    Like this, some people believe that if they come across a cat or a single Brahmin, they may face some hurdles in the completion of work they want to do. Some people believe that if anyone sneezes before going outside they are thirsty and are asked to sit for a while and have a glass of water. Do you have any such experiences or beliefs? Feel free to express them please.
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    We can cite many superstitions for that matter. Every day there is a good time and bad time and average time during which we have to do things according to importance. Rahu Kalam which has the duration of one and a half hour daily is the bad time period during which nothing good is attempted nor discussed. And there are Shubha Hora timings which lasts for one hour to two hours and some times have staggered timings. And there is a Emakanda timings which is again dangerous for those whose period is lean. These are all real and many have belief on this timings. But those who wont believe pooh pooh the same.
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    One of my another thread was not responded so far. But, you have given response. Thank you sir. Here you specified the daily happenings mentioned in that books. But, I have mentioned the general superstitions.

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    Generally the results of superstitions given through experiences. The twitching eye belief was already told in Ramayana as Sita got twitching of right eye during her marriage and Rama had left eye twitching when Sita abducted. Once answering to similar question raised to him, Late Thirumuruga Kirupananda variar replied as such indications are coming to concerned person only to follow or get alert as it is not happening to all commonly. According to me it is good to get alerted.

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    Sir, a good in formation given by you. My opinion is that saint Valmiki might be experienced such conditions in his life so that he took the one as one event in Sita and Rama's life. If any examples are there please mention them because it denotes the ideology of authors of puranas.

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    In earlier days many people used to have such beliefs. As the time is passing many new generation people may not believe these points and they may even laugh at those issues. For Gents Left eye twitching is a bad omen. It is believed that it will indicate some adverse issue at the nearby times. For ladies, right eye twitching is a bad omen.
    Similarly when we go out if a widow or a single brahmin or a car or a man with the knife or oil in his hand is considered as a bad omen. The people used to come inside for some time, wash the feet and go to the pooja room and sit for sometime and again start the journey.
    These superstitions are coming down these days and people are not even knowing much about these issues. For normal activities, I will never bother about these issues but when we are going out on some special issues I will also look for these omen.

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    I oppose superstitions in any form. They do not have any scientific base. The versions of the same superstition in different areas are different.I found that the versions change according to the cultural environment prevalent in the area. I found some different characters in the superstition mentioned in the thread in Maharashtra. In the same state there are different versions in different regions. This shows that they do not have any scientific base.

    There are so many superstitions. If we work according to them then it would be impossible to a single job in a day in the present day situation. Especially in medical emergencies, one can not follow the good omen - bad omen chart. Doctor has to follow the scientific way rather than the superstitions of the patient or his relatives. In modern days superstitions are losing ground.

    I want to mention that some people have made superstitions as their business. They want that these things should not go from the society especially from rural society so that there business like witchcraft and treatments of ailments by mantras etc. should continue. Some institutions are making money on this sentimental weakness of rural people. They have their powerful lobby and such people are getting shelter in the name of religion. We have seen murders of anti- superstition activists in recent past.

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    Normally, I do not believe in superstitions. However, I am human too, directly or indirectly I get attached with it sometime. Like, after coming out of the station, I catch the same stairs, the same route because I had got it in my mind that doing so, I get auto quickly. It is funny but true that so far doing this, I never had to wait for the auto. I don't know how long it will be continue, but what is the harm on it if this superstition help me in some a way.

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    There are superstitions all over the world. Our elders might have had their reasons to teach us these superstitions. They might have had their scientific reasons. Many people believe in them. We were all brought up with some superstitions from our childhood which are imprinted in our mind. There is nothing wrong about the superstitions as long as they do not inconvenience or harm the others. We do not go out when a cat comes in front of us. We wait for some time. Whenever there is a thunder we recite within ourselves the names of Arjuna. There are innumerable superstitions which we follow by tradition. These are all in no way inconvenient for others.
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    A man who has everything in life without any worries and is sailing smoothly may think a little of superstitions but few who are struggling in life would be forced to dwell on these beliefs. There are some rational people who do not believe in such superstitions. I think, it depends on how much we have learnt to depend on these from our younger life and what our parents and grand-parents have told us. For us, cutting nails or applying oil to the head in the evening around 6PM is not good. spilling salt is considered as a bad omen, similarly witnessing an accident or a death procession is considered as ill-luck. If someone is travelling from our home on a journey, on that day we are not allowed to cut our hairs. I personally believe in this as long as it does not disturb others or harm us. Of course in case of an emergency we would set these aside and act as necessary.

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