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    Were/Are your Bapu (Father) Hanikarak (harmful) for you?

    "Father", the word is enough to feel so proud of. We remember the day when our father hold our finger and help us to walk, we remember the hug we got in our every small success. We remember the pat on our back whenever we were down and we remember the scolding too when we have got from him.

    I was listening the song from movie Dangal, "Bapu sehat ke liye tu to hanikarak hai." meaning Father you are harmful for our health. It was said because the father was so tough for the kids to make them something special to achieve in their life. Finally, all the hard work of the father paid and the kids makes their name worldwide in wrestling.

    I have seen or experience that maximum Hanikarak father are done too good for their kids and their future. Yes, initially it brings pain to us but later the same pain become our success.

    My father was a very soft person, he was never be so tough but his silence speaks so much to me and I understood everything.

    How about yours?
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    My father was the inspiration to me on many counts. He was strict, no difference with each other shown, and above all he was very punctual and even wont compromise with the principles. I always admired him for one big reason. That he could able to nurture four daughters and four sons and with just one single earner and that is him. How he could have coped up, what would been his position during lean period of life and so on. Now a days children are adamant, not cooperating and even stubborn. But we were really listening to him and we were cooperating. That kind of control he had on us.
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    I remember a great story of Bharavi, a Sanskrit scholar and a poet. He was a very great scholar in Sanskrit and used to argue with many seniors who are also very good in Sanskrit. He was getting applauds from many for his knowledge and the analysis. The entire people used to praise him for his greatness. But Bharavi's father never praised him If somebody is coming to him and praising his son in his presence, the father was smiling and telling that still, he is a child only. This attitude is unliked by Bharavi. Many times he was telling his mother about his father's attitude with a hope that she will tell him to get his attitude corrected. Bharavi waited for some time and he was not able to see any change. So he decided to kill his father. He had taken a big stone and sat on a false roof of the house. Just below that place, the father will take lunch. The father came home, washes his feet and sat for the lunch. His wife slowly started telling him, while he was eating about Bharavi's feelings. Immediately the father replied that I know very well that he is very good. His writing skills are excellent. His knowledge of grammar is second to none. I always feel proud that he is our son. But praising the son of his father is never good to the son and may reduce the lifespan also. That is why I I don't praise him very much but I know his calibre. Bharavi who is sitting on the top heard these words and realised his mistake. Came down and asked his father to condone him. He wanted his father to give him a punishment. The story goes on. Here the important point is father always enjoy's his son's capabilities but never praise them due to the fact that they may be losers afterwards.
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    Madha pitha Guru Deivam is the standard maxim for Indians. But due to the attraction of western countries the same Indians polluted their own culture. Nowadays in the name of privacy parents separate their children in separate rooms, knocking door before entering, giving full freedom. Thereby encouraging the children to do mischievous things, minimising their love on parents, when grown &married driving or ponding into old age homes. If father leave them with house or property, considered as lovely one otherwise hanikrak. No parent should question the children if questioning them they are hanikrak.

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    Every father loves his children, but he may not be as expressive as the mother and may no show all his love and feelings. He struggles hard and maintains discipline and at times would be very strict. Rain or shine he toils hard to get the money for the family and the children's education. Often he leaves before children wake up and comes back after they have slept. He has a quite look at his children and smiles for himself. He fights many battles in life but never reveals the scars to his children. There is a special bond between a child and the father, every father wants their children to study hard, score good marks and have a better life than himself. A father sees more than himself in his children, he sees his own unfulfilled dreams and tries hard to turn them into a reality. Stepping into the shoes of a father is impossible because what they have done for us would be very difficult to replicate. My father has these qualities and still inspires me.

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    My father! I still can't speak a sentence clearly in front of this 87+, physically fragile man. He completely understands me. Whatever I have achieved in my life, is due to him and due to my mother. I could not follow his instructions. He wanted me to study English literature, I did not. He wanted me to join teaching profession, I did not. He is a staunch atheist and communist (unlike present-day communists), I have become a 'staunch' Hindu. But my father never forced his belief on me (during my childhood and teens), rather he encouraged me to explore.

    At an age 50+, I completely realise that my mental strength is not even 10% of the 'grand old man' of our family.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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