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    How nice to have the company of relatives and friends on festive days.

    It was a nice feeling to see relatives making beeline and also friends to visit us and exchanging pleasantry during festivities. Normally relatives will make a visit to the elders of the house where in all will mingle at single place to rewind the past memories and also share things which were happened in the recent past. What is more interesting that some items are prepared as per their wish and they also help to prepare new varieties for the other relatives and thus the children have gala time mingling with each other and be happy. Now every one left for their home, again we are back to loneliness.
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    It is true that meeting our elders and relatives on a day of the festival is very good practice. In villages, the practice of going to the houses of friends and relatives and wishing them on the occasion of the festival is there. We will observe real festive atmosphere in villages more than in cities. The children of the village will go with the children came to their house and all play together. Ladies also will get ready by afternoon and start moving around with a lot of enthusiasm. This is the atmosphere in villages.
    But in cities it is different. In fact, many streets and roads will become vacant as many people will go their native village and spend time there. So festival atmosphere will prevail more in the villages than in cities.

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    I agree it feels so good when we and our relatives are gathered in occasions or even festivals. It doubles the joy.
    We are more in a funny mood. We can have amazing memorable talks and discussions remembering old times. The food is also prepared as per their choices.
    If we meet friends at festivals, it is again enjoyable. So many things to talk, fun and masti all around.

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    When a person wants to observe a festival or function or any celebration whatever small it may be, he will like to have a few friends and relatives around. Without them, you feel you are missing something.

    This is an inherent tendency of human beings to seek company. We are basically gregarious on all counts.

    So people generally celebrate occasions with some relatives and friends and spend money depending on their financial conditions. It is not the money which is important but the fun and frolic generated through that gathering.

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    In olden days, if a festival came, relatives were grouped at one house and made so.delicious food. They enjoyed more and more eating such food while they were chatting funny talks. In that, children's conversation made the elders to be happy. Mainly, grand parents felt more happiness. If they are pensioners, they would buy new clothes for their sons, daughters and grand children. At that age, they seek such happiness.

    But now, the total scenario is changed. Technology makes the people to send WhatsApp images and video calls. After reaching certain age elders are mingled with fellow elders in oldage home where they feel happiness with their friends not relatives because their sons habituate to live like as Orthodox family. Something will be continued to their children also. Whatever tradition starts from parents newly that will reach to their children also. From my concern, it is very ashamed one behalf of Indian culture.

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    In those days only newly married couple left with privacy for some days but now they are expecting total separation from elders. Once they start living separately from parents and brothers they circled themselves simply husband, wife and their own children. If anybody visited without prior intimation they feels their total freedom lost. In this juncture how can we expect such people to celebrate festivals collectively? The real taste and joy in the collective celebration of festivals and joint family cannot be understood by such people.

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    The way we lead our lives has changed, hence the way we celebrate festivals has changed too. Once upon a time relatives we welcome at many homes. They would all put in their efforts to make dishes for the Pooja and even help tiding up the place. They would get gifts from children, some fruits/ sweets for all. Now that concept has changed, many families are nuclear or struggle for space in the cities. Even in the rural areas, children and youngsters have changed. To welcome relatives, prepare food and live up to their expectations is no longer easy. Our work pattern, little time off work and cost has become some hindrances towards a large gathering of relatives and friends during festivals. Maybe in some households, they would still celebrate festivities with close friends and relatives, not all can do it. We need to at least encourage the immediate families to get together for such functions and start as a small group and see the difference.

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