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    Do this great Site need threads discussing religious matters?

    Of late it is seen a couple or more threads move towards discussing religious issues. So far I have not come across such threads going deep into these types of discussion. May be some members will be interested in such discussions. I read in one thread commenting that only a very few are participating in the discussion; regularly seen names are missing, etc. It might be because of this issue. Many may not be interested in discussing such issues. Our ISC must not be a platform for such discussions. Similarly political party related issues also may be minimised. At present it is not coming at all, thanks to the members. Now a days both these issues create a divide among individuals. Why should we go for that? This is my personal opinion. I may add that I will not make any comments in such threads.It does not mean that I do not have comments on these two issues.
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    I have similar opinions. But here's the thing.
    Don't just ignore that thread because it speaks of politics and religion , but look if you can find something of relevance.
    I love to learn about myths and religions.
    I'm not blindly inclined towards one religion. I equally analyse and study about all religions.
    Politics too. I like poking my nose in politics.
    So I can't swear obedience to your proposal.

    I just wish more quality thread appear than blind promotions of respective religions or political satires.

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    I fully agree with the author.
    Also, I notice that many responses are only echoes of the Authors. Responses for the sake of responses only. New things are not coming out. We need more quality threads.

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    Threads related to politics and religion can be avoided,only if the author of those threads stated something that hurts other party. Else, if it talks something informative or involves serious discussion or anything that creates awareness need to be further discussed.

    As the author mentioned, this is a great site. So, it must be a platform to discuss almost everything. Moreover politics and religion are not something vulgar to avoid discussing in public. it is not a good idea to ignore those thread, instead, members should see them with open mind and contribute their knowledge without hurting anyone.

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    When a burning issue confronts the nation it also has the reflection on this site. It is the politicians and high people of the society who are raking up issues which is bothering even the ISC members too. Though for this author the religious issue may be irrelevant, but when it hurt the very sentiment, we cannot be silent to the happenings. By the way who is giving such rights for those who are talking against our religion and why we must be stopped to discuss or give a fitting reply through this forum ?. Time and again people are raising issues against the Hinduism and when we want to thunder back, such protest voice also comes in. Give the respect to all religion and that will have peaceful way of living. In the garb of praising their own religion, one should not stoop to the level of belittling other religions and their sentiments attached to it.
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    With due respect to the author of this thread, I humbly submit that we should not avoid those topics which create controversy or debate. We must not avoid burning or debatable issues on the ground that these issues may create a divide. Dangers must be properly understood and then suitably confronted. Otherwise, we will all get consumed by the danger.
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    There is nothing wrong if we talk about religion and what it preaches without bringing other religions into the topic. One need not glorify one's own religion by degrading others. We have to respect all the faiths.
    I do accept with Neeraj regarding the quality of discussions.

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    After reading this thread I physically counted 50 current thread and found only one thread is talking about Hinduism. Let us think few second before come into any conclusion. Why such thought came to an author to post such thread - "Speaking against Hinduism proves you an intellectual and secular".

    I tell you why?

    There was a thread posted talking about one of our respected neighbouring country, the author of the thread was tagged as the "enemy" of some section of people. It was just unnecessarily to force one's own opinion to justify the author. The thread took different turn.

    The another thread was posted to talk about "selective appreciation". Again the opinion of our one gentleman has to be tried to forcefully accepted and unnecessarily the "religion" has to be dragged. Once again the thread took different direction.

    The problem is not about discussing the religious matter, the actual problem is to throw our own opinion forcefully to others as if they are only the "secular" people.

    Until and unless this attitude will stop, until and unless we stop justifying people with our own perception of thinking, it will continue. I would rather say that secular people should stop magnifying the non-religion matter into religion and stop dragging every matter into religion.

    The thread which would have died peacefully, it was purposely been fired to show oneself a secular person.

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    Every one of us belongs to one or the other religion. Religion is a way of our life. It plays an important role in our real life. So I don't feel wrong in raising our own views on the religion. As long as we are restricting our discussion to the content of the thread there will not be any problem with us. We should not bring a comparison with other religions. Every religion is having its own positive points. So if we take our discussion in such a way that our discussion will not compare with other religions that will be fine.
    Here I want to bring a point even is the discussion we may not be liking others way of approach. This should not be seen as the enmity of persons. It is point based. But personally, there will not be any division. SImply we are all human beings and living the way we can.

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    Religion and human nature are deeply entwined, so there is no harm in discussing religion at such forums as it forms part of the education process as long as the thread does not hurt the religious sentiments of a particular community. The thread responders also should remained focussed on the intellectual discussions rather than the personal bias on particular religion.

    Discussions on religion becomes a controversial issue when we get personal, drag in names of leaders only to shame them etc. One should encourage a healthy discussion with relavant points.

    In our spare time depending on the age and gender, the common topics discussed are life stories, achievements, politics, religion and what's happening in the lives of our neighbors or people around us. For many years religion and politics have been the common and easiest topic to be discussed. I think what attracts us to a debate or an interaction is the ways in which the discussion can shape and how people understand.

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