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    Should we show our gratefulness to the helpful people?

    When we are having some problem in life we look upon others for help. It could be in any form - may be counselling, financial or moral support.
    There are different types of people in the society. Some are helpful while others may be reluctant to do so and also there are many who outrightly reject to help.
    In such a scenario it is imperative that we must pay our gratitude and thanks to those who have helped us in time of adversity. What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    Definitely, we have to show our gratitude to the people who helped us in the time we needed it. It is our minimum courtesy to say thanks to them for their timely help. When we are in difficulties and very much in need of help from others the people who will come forward to help us to be out of woods, should always be admired. There is the second opinion. If a person is having the good intention of supporting you at the time of your necessity and when you are in adversity, the help you get is the very timely act and you should continue admiring them for their good work towards you. But the man who is helping should not expect anything in return from them. If such people get any need for help definitely somebody will help them. It is our courtesy to help such people who helped us in case of our requirement. A real friend will always try to support all his friends like this. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
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    There are people around us who are not only helpful but stand with us in our tough time. And, we must not forget such people in our life who help us. Few years back, one of my friend who helped me, later we lost the contact. Just some days back he called me and asked my help, I did my best to help him out. Certainly, I would never forget such people.

    Life is all about ups and down, you may never know from where the help for you can come. Be aware of that and help it back people. Help those too who are needed.

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    We should always remember and be grateful to the people who helped us in our difficult times. The help may be in any form. We have to remember that we too have to respond in the same manner when someone needs our help. It is always better to help and forget about it without expecting anything from them in return.
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    If really speaking we should do similar by learning from them. One day in the terminus of Vadapalani, I saw a man of 25 years old was sitting in the bench with shivering body. By his side one old lady probably his mother was sitting with worry. Everybody were going on their way by just seeing them. But one aged person enquired them and understand that that man was suffering from fever and waiting for bus to hospital. Immediately he called 108 over his mobile and on arrival of ambulance he sent the man with his mother to GH for treatment. I just greeted him for his effort as he differs from others amidst his urgency to his office.

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    While reading this s thread, I have reminded about Mother Terssa. She says, " It is good to help others than to pray God". So, in that matter taken as important, she lived her life happily in the service of poor diseased people. What is the benefit she cherished from such people. She cherishes only one thing. That is a smile on the faces of diseased people. It gave result to her in the form of self satisfaction. First fruit we get from helping to others is self satisfaction. Even money could not give that fruit because money is not stable. It is itself causes lack of self satisfaction.

    Now coming to gratefulness, it is not shown in the form of verbal words because one could forget the words given by the person who got help. Suppose, mother who helps to us morally, physically and psychologically then how can we express gratitude towards mother. But, our gratitude should be delivered from our heart other than from mouth.

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    This thread has raised the question: "Should we show our gratefulness to the helpful people"? Wo will say 'no' in reply? Nobody. But in actuality, most of us forget to show our gratefulness to the person who helped us in the past. Human being is the most selfish animal in this world.
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    Yes, we should express our gratitude to people who help us in times of need. When in difficulty friends, family members are well-wishers would be approached by us. Of the lot, few would promise to help and keep up their promise. We cannot balme people for not helping us but certainly we should be thankful to the kind hearted who have helped us.
    At times, there would be good Samaritans who help us with a promise that their contribution should be kept a secret, at such times we have to honor our commitment and keep quiet. But in other situations, we should express our gratefulness to such people and more importantly be there to help them and repay the debt when they are in a difficult spot.
    I have known people who are very sweet and humble until a favor is done, once the difficult passes, they also forget the very people who have helped them. This hurts the kind hearted helpful people who would be reluctant to lend future help. Equally embarrassing are the small group of people who help you but never overlook a chance to remind you that they have been of help.
    When the favor involves money, we should be very careful about the terms and conditions and honor whatever we have agreed to.

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    Mind it not every people whom we know would reach out to us at the time of need and those who have really cared and heeded to our need we are always highly indebted to them and expressing gratitude is the must and there cannot be second thinking on this count. Some may not like the gratitude be expressed, but we feel awkward to get the help, having enjoyed the source and yet wont acknowledge. By the way by acknowledging the good works of others on us, we are not only giving a tight slap on those who knows our plight but never reached out to us and also to those who must know the good deeds of the persons who helped us during the real need. And we must return the favour either through returning the same later in the life or doing such thing which are very helpful to them and shram dhaan is the best.
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