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    Do you know any magic trick ?

    Few days back one of my friend send me a video of his kid, in that video the kid was showing some magic trick. It was done so cleanly that even I was shocked to see such trick. It was a coin trick and the another is with playing cards.

    My memories goes back to my teenage when I too used to try to do such tricks. During those days, there were no internet or Youtube so had bought a magic tricks book. I did learn and practice some tricks. I forgot all except the one I still remember and do it occasionally to shock people around me. The trick with handkerchief, I can cross a pencil or pen without making any hole in it. Believe me, until I tell you the trick, you would only break you head as how I did this!

    Its all about practice and trick. So, tell us about your magician which is inside you. Do you know any trick?
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    During our younger days, we used to do some tricks with playing cards. My grandfather used to teach us these tricks. But we almost forgot those tricks which we were performing those days. Doing small tricks like this is a lot of fun and entertainment to all of us those days. As told by the author we don't have internet or WhatsApp those days. So whatever we learnt is either from books or from the elders. These days we need not teach these tricks to anybody. They know many tricks we even never heard about.
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    I am very clumsy. So I can't do stuff related to sleight of hand. But I can perform few, just a very few tricks of science and maths.
    Stuff like, predicting your imagined number, or predicting your future and character. Those are not magic tricks in a correct sense.

    I'm lucky. I was a post-internet baby. I got to learn quite a lot of easy magic tricks.

    Actually, magic,cooking and writing, are three forms of art I respect and love the most. I always wanted to be a magician. Or a cook.
    Making good food is a magic too you know.
    Art is the closest thing to magic. A beautiful painting, song, a piece of dance, tasty dish etc. .; you call them magical.

    Magic is considered not something impossible but something that transcends your expectations.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    As kids, we loved to see magic shows at schools and functions.Later on the TV shows. I was never good at magic or surprises. The only things we learned were the silly tricks like hiding a 25paise coin in the sleeve of a full hand shirt and then dropping it into the empty palm or to fold the left thumb and right thumb and place it together and slowly move the right folded thumb as say that I've cut the thumb. Presently there are many videos and methods with which kids can learn tricks if they like it.

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