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    Festivals and culture are respected by foreigners but we hesitate

    India has its own tradition, culture and different festivals. The pride is spread over the universe. We our own people hesitate to follow or celebrate and questioning or commenting as waste of time etc., But many foreigners come here, celebrate, enjoy with us very much. Recently in one foreign country they are the lunch by sitting on the ground. In Mylapore and Triplicane many foreign visitors prefer eating lunch in southern style with banana leaf. Yesterday Madurai many foreigners joyfully participated Pongal festival.
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    The attached pictures reveals the participation by foreigners.

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    It is true many foreigners are getting attracted to our systems and methods. They are showing interest in participating in our festivals. Many foreigners when they visit India will visit the temples also and enjoy the atmosphere very nicely. In America, Deepavali is celebrated with a lot of fanfare. In some parts of America, the government has declared a holiday for Sankranthi.This shows the interest others are having towards our culture and festivals.
    But unfortunately, we are forgetting our culture and going to the other cultures. Probably this may be due to lack of knowledge and the difficulty in following the systems. Eating in a banana leaf is an art. It is not like eating on a plate. The liquids like buttermilk which will remain on the plate can easily be swallowed by lifting the plate. When it comes to a banana leaf it requires some patience and time. That is the difficult portion of eating on a leaf. Similarly sitting on the floor and eating also is not easy like eating on a dining table.

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    Yes foreigners have been more kind enough to spend their good time with our culture and tradition and our boys and girls are wanting to explore the western style and living. The other day when Telangana government organised Bathukamma festival across the state, in one particular event the foreigners who came to appreciate the Kakatiya dynasty and to see the remains in Warangal , they fully participated in Bathukamma festivities and also danced with the local people and thereby enhancing the prestige of the festival to further levels. They know the importance of culture and tradition at every place and wont hesitate to mingle.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    People from Western countries has a passion to explore, to visit new places and learn more about new traditions and ways of living.Many people from these countries have a mandatory annual holidays, take time off to travel, spend money to explore places of natural beauty or historical importance. They are not hesitant to interact and experience new things. This could be called as cultural tourism bu we in India by and large are not great travelers expect the ones who can afford. For the foreign visitors enjoying these festivities are an added bonus apart from their holidays. For some people in India, the same festivals or celebrations have become a regular affair and do not have the same enthusiasm as a foreigner who has not seen it so far. May be if we too travel to other countries, we would be more excited in checking out the local traditions of that country.

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    Mr.Pattabiraman, we are also respecting our culture, enjoying our festivals and preferring to take lunch in banana leaves.Mr Mohan wrote, Telangana Govt organized a festival across the state and foreigners danced along with local people and attached a beautiful photo. Who don't want to participate in the festival and dance with such a beautiful girls shown in the photo?!

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    Neeraj the photo was not shared because the guests were beautiful and arresting, but they do realised the importance of festival and immediately agreed to attire the saris and that was important.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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