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    Are you expecting emotional intelligence or educational intelligence from your child ?

    Now a days acquiring mere education is not enough for survival. One must be 100 percent participating and achieving in other activities concerned to the school and college and for which emotional intelligence plays a great role. Children must be trained in all the emotions of life so that they can face the challenges in future no matter we are with them or not. In the absence of emotional intelligence, children may refuse to part with parents and thus their future studies become more questionable. What is your view on this and append your choice of requirement here.
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    Emotional intelligence will grow with the age. By the time the children grow up and complete their education they will be understanding the systems and procedures well. They will also understand that getting a job is more important than staying with the parents. They will understand their priorities. So I don't think parents have to work on that. My elder son after writing final year got a posting and he has to join immediately. SO he left to Bangalore within a week of finishing final exams and joined in the job.
    The important factor is General Knowledge and subject knowledge are very important. Mathematical skills and reasoning skills are also important to get a good job after completing their studies. So I feel we should see that our wards will work on those lines to get selected for a good post where from he can start his independent life.

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    Right now we are focussing on educational intelligence and we need to focus on emotional intelligence and maturity too. The anger, the fights, even violence at times is due to the emotional immaturity that arises because of lack of attention and also an intense focus on studies that we forget the child as a whole. As the child grows up from the primary school, he or she should get a chance to learn about success, failure, good and bad, appropriate and inappropriate etc. Such things cannot be learnt overnight and not from books alone. These are acquired over a period of time with interactions among friends and teachers. An emotionally matured child would be able to handle himself or herself appropriately in a range of situations and this would be useful in the long run apart from education subject mastery alone.

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