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    Be well versed with religious stories and share with children

    What I have seen keenly and observed in my life that those parents especially the mother who was well versed and having knowledge of religious stories and happening had the added advantage of giving good moral education to her child from the young age itself and thus they have become good citizen of the future with good obedient character too. Children are fond of stories and it is the duty of every mother to tell them good stories and if they happen to relate the happenings with the religious stories, the child will also respect the Gods too and follow every festivities with much devotion and reverence.
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    Yes. It is correct. The kids are very much fond of stories. They always go and sit with their grandparents o parents and request for stories. If they can narrate the stories well they will get attracted towards those stories. So this is an occasion for the elders of the house to teach them the morals through telling good stories. They may be from any epic or from any historical books. But finally, they should know the moral underlying the story. Definitely, these efforts will make the children aware of what is good and what is bad. What we should do and what we should not. This will help the children in building their conduct in a most positive way and will bring good understanding about the life. The stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Maha Bhagavata will give them good morals and their requirement in the life. These stories will make the children good citizens of tomorrow.
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    Parents and grandparents are the treasure house of stories as far as children are concerned, at least before we got comics and the tabs/games on mobiles. Most often while feeding the child or putting them to bed, most mothers narrate a short story that has morals and an element of good winning over bad. Most of our parents would know stories related their own faith and tell them to the curious children. If we teach religious stories with full of morals and good human nature, naturally the young mind to imbibing the good values and practices to grow up being a responsible adult. We should not be overzealous in portraying that only our religion is the supreme and the rest are bad, this can lead to a confusion or a changed perception of one religion at the expense of the other. Now we get many animated religious story videos free online, at least this can be played for children regularly instead of playing the funny games always.

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