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    Take time to visit Pelican festival at Kolleru lake in AP on Feb 4th 2018

    AP Government and the officials are making elaborate arrangements to attract tourists for the 'Pakshula Panduga' or the Pelican festival being held at Atapaka village, popularly known as Kolleru lake located on the borders of the Krishna and West Godavari districts. More than 5,000 spot-billed pelicans, also known as grey-headed pelicans, will visit the lake, roost, breed and fly with their young ones during the winter season. Besides, hundreds of painted storks and other bird species will nest in all seasons. It would be the treat for the bird watchers as the pelicans are most lovely and lively birds to watch in their habitat.
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    The Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is worth a visit. We can see the birds especially the pelicans and painted storks from a very close range. It is a photographers feast. I uploaded a video to youtube. They are not migratory birds anymore. The sanctuary area with Kolleru Lake is divided by constructing an earth bund. Water is available in the sanctuary throughout the year. Food is available to the birds in plenty in the lake. Platforms for breeding are constructed. Now, these birds became permanent residents. It is better to go there any other time than during the festival as there will be lot of visitors and we cannot view the birds at leisure.
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    A good place. The birds are available all the days there now. Not like they will come during a season only here. It is worth to watch this place. We can feel a visual feast by seeing these pelicans here. Many grey-headed pelicans may gather here during this season. Many visitors will visit this area and enjoy the birds. Earlier days the birds and migrating to other places and visiting this area during this season. The trend is changed. The governemnt converted the lake area to suit the birds all the days in the year so that they will stay here. Many birds are nowadays permanent here. A good spot to enjoy. We should visit at least once.
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    A good piece of information. If one is new to bird watching and decides to watch the birds, they need to find a little bit more. the feeding habits, the breeding periods, roughly when the hatchlings start to come.
    For instance, pelicans are large birds with a wide bill and a pouch into which they scoop the fish, so, you can position with a good camera in a spot wherein you can follow the pelican's flight path, you can get excellent pictures.
    I think serious bird watchers would avoid the crowd and go when the environment is less noisy.
    @KVRR, I checked some pictures, the metal platforms for breeding mars the view or landscape. Artificial bunds or little islands with trees would give a pleasant image like that of Rangannathittu.

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    Painted Storks and Pelicans at Kolleru Bird Sanctuary.
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    @KVRR, a nice picture, you also have a common Ibis, the solitary bird just to the right of the tree stump.

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