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    How prompt is your banker in settling the discrepancies arising in online transactions?

    Thanks to demonetization and its sequential affects. There is a very good swift and rise in E-mode payments and online transactions. Slowly we got accustomed to the electronic card operation and habituated to the use of POS machines at the sales counters. Visiting to banks has drastically come down except to sort out the anomalies and seeking loans etc.

    Here lies the main problem and carelessness of the bankers to sort out the problems arising out of online transactions. For instance, the POS machine operated by the merchant at the Super market says the transaction is declined while the SMS received says the amount has been debited. Even if you show the message, they won't accept saying it would be refunded by the in three hours to three working days. Sometimes it happens promptly but many a time we have to lodge an online complaint and if it is not rectified, you have to visit the branch where your account is opened. Because of core banking system, we will be working some where and our account would be opened somewhere. Visiting the branch would make you more difficult and you prefer to forego or postpone to lodge the complaint.

    I am finding such problems with my banker Andhra bank very frequently. How about you and how is your banker responding to such issues?
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    In many instances, the bankers are not prompt in solving our problems with online transactions. I happened to face a problem with Axis Bank. The hotel receptionist by mistake made a transaction of Rs20000/ instead of Rs 2000/. She canceled it and made another transaction for Rs 2000/. Meanwhile, I received messages from the bank for both the transactions on my mobile. I had to take a letter from the management and had to communicate with the bank for a month. They did nothing to send a message to me that the Rs20000/ transaction was canceled. Only after the transaction was not reflected in my next bill, I was at peace. Sometimes the credit card is not honored by the POS machine. In another shop, it will accept the transaction. What will happen when we are out of the station and don't have sufficient money with us? Now the online transactions declined and some of the establishments are refusing online payment. Some others are saying that we have to pay 2% extra. Majority of the ATMs are closed. My nearest ATM that functions is some 5KM away. I had to go to the bank many times for cash. Now there is a cap on the number of free transactions also. The banks have to address the problems at the earliest.
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    So far I don't have any problem with our bank online transactions. These days all my transactions almost up to 95% are online only. My account is in HDFC bank. I have contact manager who visits regularly and attends to me in case of any problems. Their approach is proactive and problems are being attended very regularly. The responses from the bank are very prompt.
    Now for some payments, I have given sanding instructions and they have carried out regularly without any problem or deviation. They are on time and prompt in their actions.

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    Problem resolving has become slow and neglected generally in every sector, not just banks, since moving to online dealings.
    It is very difficult to know the exact email id of the person or office to whom we have to approach. Mostly these are call centre numbers who are the first level for us to contact. They deal in a very stereotype we way they are taught using only the rigid fixed phrases and terms. In majority of cases that will be just a receipt centre. The solution will not get rectified. Sometimes after a couple of days we may receive an email or phone asking what is our problem. We have to repeat again.

    Coming to banks,I had almost suffered for more than an year when my bank was upgrading its software. Complaints to even General Manager did not evoke a response. I had to open an account in another bank for my convenience.
    Just last week, I had scheduled an online remittance transaction for next day. It was accepted and next day morning got a message that the transaction was successful. But being very cautious, I just verified my bank account.Alas, I saw a debit and credit for same amount. Worried and suspecting something wrong, I called the beneficiary to check whether he got the amount. The answer was 'No'. I called my bank and told the matter to know the reason,. They could not tell me .They suspected some software problem at that moment of transaction. On my asking whether system will attempt second time to make the transaction they answered in the negative.
    So I tried once more to put up a fresh transaction. The OTP was not coming even after more attempts. At last I had to plead and convince with bank staff( who knew me personally) to send the remittance from the bank manually .

    I sent an email to the online banking section of the bank about the problem especially the OTP, but even after about a week, I have not received even a mechanical response. I did not want to waste my time now in escalating the matter.

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    Normally my bankers, the City Union bank seems to be awake all the twenty four hours, as I keep getting updates and messages even at odd hours. And as far as issues are concerned, I have not faced anything like that as mentioned by the author so far. Yes there may be hick ups in online transactions and at that particular hours the bank customer care also wont work. Nevertheless all the transactions through POS are closely monitored and rectified by next day. Even at the ATM some times we wont get the money and the slip generated therein says that it is debited. We should not get panic as within minutes other message comes with credit of the same amount.
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    Online transactions declined or failed or an error somehow need about 24-48 hours or two working days to sort out. I think this may be due to the failure of the data sync with the main data at the banks as there would be many cards linked to the POS and the merchant's bank may not match with our banks etc. I think it is hard to have a real-time data of the balance in our accounts without a lag period.
    I have had once while paying for an insurance policy online. I was billed twice as the first one came as declined. Both charges reflected on the monthly statement. Then, I had to contact the insurance company which refunded the amount after 5 days. The only things I don't like is many branches even though you have your account for ages are reluctant to help you with card issues and force you to use the toll numbers as the bank staff claim it is not their job to do it.

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