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    Our journey from Black & White to colourful HD

    There were a time when it become a huge news when Indian movie started showing colourful in theatres. Before that it was produced only in black & white. The same way when television came in India, it was in black & white. I remember, we were used to stand outside the TV store to watch cricket match in colour TV. Now, the time has changed so much that we are not only watching in colourful but with High definition. The clarity is just so natural yet the feeling which we had to watch in B&W is no more there.

    The same way, we have got so much comfort in our life but the old feeling the peaceful time together with entire family is missing. I don't know how long we go to bring more clarity in our life style but sometime I feet that the evening fog out side my home was much interesting to watch than watching these HD in our today's life.
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    Yes. It has started with movies only with acting and without any dialogues. Then came movies with dialogues. The Black and White movies got converted to Colour, then scope and finally to 3D. Similarly Radios of a very big size which are used with current, then transistors and now radio stations in mobile. TVs with small screen, black and white, big, colour, HD. This is the sequence of evolution. Nowadays you don't require any TVs. You can see TV on your mobile. So technological evolutions are going further.
    But as expressed by the author the human interactions are decreasing.As the comforts of life are increasing but peaceful moments with family are coming down. So we all should think how to improve our relations and we should work in that direction so that we will enjoy our life well with family and friends.

    always confident

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    I remember one quotation, " Old is gold". Technology improves the quality in day to day life of a common man. In that path, the man seeks a new technology which predominates the before one. So, in that procession, black and white, next, colour TVs came. Technology used for both sorts are the same but for color one it is advanced. Now, HD TVs preoccupies the place of normal color TVs. In the next step, inches of TVs are increased and it contains so many features like USB support and HDMI support.

    Come to my personal experience, I have a LED TV but it could not support to watch videos inserted in USB which are downloading from vidmat app in mobile. Same videos could be watched in the TV of uncle. So, the software and hardware in new TVs supports some extra features. From this, we feel to say goodbye to old TVs.

    However, according to the author, nature is very beautiful to watch directly than that of watching TVs.

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    Celebrations and celebrating have changed. Relating to and relationship has entirely changed. Pleasures are now more personal than as a large group.If not personal people only like to team with a homogeneous small group.As everything becomes door delivered no one need to step outside their staying place even. That causes relationship existing and sustaining in virtual space. We are slowly becoming more virtual persons. Rather artificial persons.

    Regarding the change from black and white to colour, I remember seeing my first colour movie as a part in a black and white movie. The name Eastman colour was a popular one in titles credits in movies. I also started with an 8 channel black and white TV. It was only after about 14 years of using B&W TV that I bought a colour TV. I am still to buy and HD TV.

    In the place where I was staying before this, it was just a pleasure to watch the horizon in the evening nearing sun set. My window was facing west and I could watch sun setting slowly. Every day the sky used to have an entirely unique pattern of colours. My favourite time pass was to watch and photo/video, that sight.

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    Nicely written concept by relating virtual clarity and real-life clarity and to some extent spiritual clarity too. Although we are getting clearer and clearer picture of the virtual world, but our real world is slowly getting full of mist & fog and that mist has not only surrounded our environment but also our minds. So no matter how beautiful things are in the virtual world we still don't find mental peace, happiness, and serenity in them which we find with nature and environment.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Nice memories of the olden days when any India Cricket match would see people crowding the footpaths to see the match on the TV in the shops. We used to see in our neighbors house. Those days we had Superna and Bush TVs, I still remember Victoria 203 Hindi movie & Sherlock Holmes series in Black and white, it is still fresh in my memory as it was a treat to watch it.Black and White telecast was also good.
    The second part of the thread is more emotional, we almost have everything in life but still life remains empty. My grandfather used to say, when we were at an age where we could eat everything, we couldn't because of lack of money, now we have money but cannot eat what we love. We should try and spend time with family more meaningfully like a simple walk outside, having dinner together without any gadgets, watching a cartoon movie for sometime or just unwinding and connecting with nature etc.

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