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    Ambulance on two wheels. Will it work?

    In India, most of us in the metro are aware of the traffic snarls, congestion and peak hour rush. Many times the regular ambulances would take time to reach the place or the site of accident.

    Bangalore is on the verge of having bike ambulances, that can treat minor injuries and reach the spot of the major accidents and help victims before the ambulance vans can arrive.

    This would be a good option for at least the needy people will get some assistance on site. These trained paramedics/drivers of the two wheeler also can assess minor injuries and hopefully reduce the burden for hospitals.

    It sounds like a scene taken from the Three Idiots movie. Do members think it would help the people if implemented in the major metros.
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    I am of the view that instead of two wheeler ambulances, they should focus on flying ambulances. Plans to have flying taxis to control the traffic is into consideration. Instead priority to have emergency services by bringing services like flying ambulance taxis and flying fire - engines will not save time but also not cause convince to the regular on going traffic on roads. How far this can be a reality is something to be pondered.

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    Here, the type of injury or condition should be considered. Who takes an ambulance the most? Women in labors, who cannot be transported either by a flying car or a two wheeler.
    Flying cars cannot be a good solution for heart patients, pregnant women, etc. .;

    Two wheelers as in bikes cannot work. What if the patient is unconscious? Two wheelers can be compact cars.

    That could save road space. Air cars are cool for immediate treatment and all. But if one has got a torn limb or got crushed in an accident one will feel a great deal of pain and discomfort in air.

    Your two wheeled ambulance isn't such bad an idea. Infact a similar two wheeled car is used in Thailand as a market cart and also a public transport. They're as popular as autos in India

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    It is good. Definitely the ambulance bikes can reach spot faster than the regular ambulance as the traffic is increasing day by day and moment of four wheelers is becoming unduly delay in metros and other major cities.
    So using a two wheeler is a good option .
    As expressed in the other response, flying tricycles are there in some countries already working. Recently we have seen that chances of introducing in our country are very high. If they are used for these emergency purpose, it will be very useful.
    Already the bike cars are existing and being used for other purposes in some areas of other countries. This option is also good for saving time and helping the needy people in time.So we all can look forward to have these kinds of vehicles in the major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai , Calcutta and Delhi.

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    Ambulance is an emergency response with preliminary first aid and sustenance mechanism till the patient is put under proper medical care.
    So any emergency response system should reach the needed spot immediately. Then the communication should be fast and effective. The next is the availability of first aid like preventing heavy blood loss etc. In case of heavy injures the patient needs to be supported without further worsening of situation and may need to be laid in a comfortable position. Third is the availability of life sustenance aids like oxygen, glucose, or ventilator etc.
    Ambulance as of now are spacious enough to have these all or a few at least. The minimum they have is to put the patient in a comfortable lying position.
    However as there are still very narrow and steep curved roads, even ambulance vans are not able to reach the patient's place in many situations.
    However a well altered three wheeler ambulance can have some of the emergency response systems except a full bed or stretcher. A two wheeler can be just a quicker response and transport for a relatively less serious patient.

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    The idea is good and too some extent it will be useful also but as Aditya mohan said if the patient has minute injury but he is still unconscious it will be little difficult to carry him on the two wheeler and three person can't be allowed to be seated in a two wheeler for the help that would be putting them in more bigger risk.
    But the solution that Aditya has given neither seems feasible nor possible for our country because it is too hitch for a country which still have bullock cart in many of its cities and village.
    But such situation is an exception therefore I think this idea can be implemented.

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    Ambulance on two wheeler is risky and not possible. For that matter the then AP government some years ago commissioned some two wheeler with even beacon over it sporting as ambulance in Hyderabad and that was a total failure. But later it was found that the ambulance were used to ferry the persons and friends of those who riding it as lift and not as passengers. Moreover patients who are sick and needs to be hospitalised must be taken on the stretcher which is not possible on two wheeler ambulance and some patients are averse to nature exposure which is again not possible through two wheeler ambulance.
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    This is the first time I am reading about this. I have also seen the snap. I have no doubt that such small two-wheeler won't benefit serious patients. They can't lie down in such small car. There is not enough space to keep the life-saving equipment in such small car.
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    Nice replies so far. Obviously, sick passengers or patients cannot be ferried on a two-wheeler. This is in no way going to replace the regular ambulances, it would just give a trained help at hand sooner at the site rather than perform the services of a full-fledged ambulance. Flying cars or two-wheel cars would not be practical due to the cost, maintenance and logistics involved. Many western countries have regular air ambulances (helicopters) used in major cities. One day this may become a regular affair for India.
    Mr.Partha, the snap from Aditya is not the ambulance. The one that Karnataka is planning is just like a regular bike with emergncy kit and a para-medic.

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    I feel using air ambulance is the need of this hour and at least it can be used in metro cities where we have traffic problems. We can also focus on reaching nearby hospital for emergency or small injuries than running behind the traffic. For that every hospital should make it ready with emergency purpose with required equipments.

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